GB unveil squad for 2014 JCC Games

January 21, 2014

Team Maccabi GB will take a 73-athlete squad to this summer’s JCC Maccabi Games in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The Games – which run from August 7-18 - are a chance for young athletes under the age of 16 to represent their country in America in a sporting environment, whilst experiencing social and cultural programmes with other young Jewish people from around the world.

Among the squad, led by Heads of Delegation, Brian and Helena Green, and a 12-person management team, 54 athletes will take to the stage of international competition for the first time and announce themselves to the Jewish sporting world as potential future European Maccabi Games and Maccabiah stars.

Maccabi GB will be looking to improve upon the record medal haul of 108 at last summer’s games, with this the Cherry Hill event featuring more than 1,300 youngsters from 40 delegations.

Brian Green said: “Helena and Iare we delighted with the strength in depth and quality of the squad. There are some talented athletes in this squad and we are aiming to give all these kids a trip of a lifetime on and off the field of play, especially giving the participants a chance to mix with other young Jewish athletes from around the world.”


Joshua Klein
Tyler Smith
Ethan Kessel
Jack Mattey
Joe Leslie
Jayden Tomlinson
Saul Fenton
Dylan Bull
Oscar Cohen
Hadley Shapps
Adam Freedman
Managers: Alex Elf & Liam Stein

Elisheva Hersh
Maxine Hotz
Amelia Shiner
Jodie Rich
Maddy Moryoussef
Lili Balkin
Eve Lewis
Shayna Joffe
Managers: Matt Travers & Debra Silver

Anabelle Permutt
Yasmin Fairnington
Kezia Levy
Aimee Rose
Sadie Barr
Charlotte Hurst
Ella Cohen
Georgia Benson
Lucy Botkai
Ellie Berg
Managers: Nicole Sawdaye & Emma Gibbor

Daniel Rinkoff
Alicia Slater
Eden Kramer
Emmanuelle Benjamin
Elisha Kramer
Chloe Jacobs
Daniel Schindler
Talia Slater
Molly Leizer
Manager: Dani Popeck

James Benjamin
George Bier
Jono Mizrahi
Charlie Pentol-Levy
Tamsin Salt
Charlotte Salt
Tali Fraser
Oliver Jacobson
Tash Mosheim
Jack Miller
Manager: Jamie Gibbor

Carl Breindel
James Rich
Oliver Weisfeld
Scott Leveson
Nathan Sonn
Jake Bluston
Sammy Kaye
Joe Kaye
Jonathan Stelzer
Manager: Ben Travers

Alana Jacobs
Francesca Wall
Adam Mizrahi
Benjamin Oehley
Aidan Raphael
Rachel Ayrton
Tal Pelmont
Jessie Wolmark
Isabelle Flitterman
Manager: Phillip Benson

Hannah Grunwerg
Tamar Goldwater
Leanne Poluck
Sophie Katz
Annabel Anisfeld
Darcy Shonn
Daisy Margolis
Manager: Clare Dorset-Purkis

Heads of Delegation: Brian and Helena Green
Welfare Manager: Daniel Broman

Last updated: 11:58am, January 21 2014