JC rumour mill: January 17

By Danny Caro, January 17, 2014

Here are the latest whispers from terraces up and down the MGBSFL.

London Maccabi Lions are considering signing Dovi Fehler and then loaning him back to Boca Jewniors for the rest of the season. The hotshot scored in last week's Peter Morrison Trophy tie between the teams.

Ben Kaye admitted he left Southgate Harmen with “a heavy heart” to join AC Mill Hill.

Following his move to Faithfold C, stalwart defender Adam ‘Shaggy’ Levison is close to signing a terms on his MSFL autobiography, entitled More clubs than Jack Nicklaus!

Woodford Wanderers have issued a “hands-off warning after hearing that Redbridge Jewish Care were interested in top-scorer Harrison Midda

Faithfold are believed to be top of the list to sign NLR C defender Jake Yudelowitz who has received a series of rave reviews this season.

NLR captain David Rhodes says there are no weaknesses in Phil Peters’ squad as they look to sustain a challenge on all fronts.

Jewdinese chairman Jake Erlich has secured the long-term future of Ben Halmer" who has stated he "will not return to London Lions."

Teammate Jonny Blain has promised to buy the club's physios new cars for keeping him fit this season, which helped him win the coveted ‘Ball on Door” award.

Last updated: 2:09pm, January 17 2014