Danny Caro's Prem Div TOTW: January 12

By Danny Caro, January 14, 2014

This lucky XI complete my top-flight line-up after starring on Matchday 18 of the season.

1. Dave GROSSMAN (FC Team A) - "had to fill in goal last minute and made a couple of outstanding saves"

2. Steve GEVERTZ (Redbridge A) - didn't give Camden's strikers a sniff

3. Pete LAZARD (LML White) - nothing got past him in the important win over Boca

4. Jake WEINER (FC Team A) - first game back in 3 months and led the line brilliantly"

5. Adam HAKIMI (Redbridge A) - commanding, organised and drove his team forward

6. Simon PETERMAN (FC Team A) - "bossed the midfield yet again"

7. Rob COHEN (Brady A) - "great man-of-match performance in the centre of the park ... always looked for the ball and pulled the strings throughout the match"

8. Yoav LEBENS (Hendon A) - "showed great experience all game firstly in central midfield then when marshalling the defence for the last 25 minutes"

9. Jonny KAY (NL Raiders A) - "controlled the game for Raiders from the middle of midfield"

10. Adam STOLERMAN (Redbridge A) - "a special player," according to Camden boss Josh Marks, as he maintained RJC's title hopes with a double in a 3-0 win

11. Jonny BLAIN (NL Raiders A) - "the most eagerly awaited comeback since Andy Carroll, what more can you ask of your forward in 20 minutes than to go on, score a couple of goals and pose a constant threat to the opposition defence"


Player: Adam Stolerman (RJC A)

Manager: Mitch Young (FC Team A)

Goal: Adam Stolerman (RJC A)

Save: Oli Colmans (Brady Maccabi A)

Last updated: 12:06pm, January 14 2014