Peter Morrison Trophy round two draw

By Danny Caro, December 9, 2013

There's a real David versus Goliath feel about some of the second round ties, especially former winners Lions White against third division Boca Jewniors.

North London Raiders A vs London Haroldeans (NLR won)

London Maccabi Lions White vs Boca Jewniors (LML won)

FC Team B vs Blizzard Storm

Athletico Bilbaum vs Shirley Park (Shirley won)

Southagate Harmen vs Hendon United Sports Club A (Hendon won)

Redbridge Jewish Care vs Oakwood B/Chigwell Athletic

Jewdinese vs Hendon United Sports Club C

North West Neasden/FC Team C vs AC Mill Hill

Oakwood A vs Hendon United Sports Club B (Oakwood won)

Woodford Wanderers vs FC Team A (FC Team won)

London Maccabiah Seniors vs Brady B (Brady won)

Faithfold A/SPEC FC vs Norstar London Raiders C

Ties to be played on January 12, 2014

Last updated: 12:27pm, January 15 2014