Danny Caro's Prem Div TOTW: November 3

By Danny Caro, November 6, 2013

Some excellent performances in the London FA Challenge Cup and MGBSFL caught the eye of the JC panel of judges.

1. Adam RONES (FC Team A) - Went in goal for 60 minutes, then moved into midfield and scored

2. Jon TOBY(FC Team A) - brilliant performance, kept Danny Berg quiet all game

3. Adam KOSKY (London Maccabi Lions Blue) – “great at left-back and looked really solid in the inter-club derby”

4. Jordan NATHAN (Brady Maccabi A) – “didn't let anything past and then when he pushed up into midfield protected the back four for the last 15 minutes”

5. Ari NEVIES (Hendon United Sports Club A) – “faultless at the back to continue a fine start to the season”

6. Scott JAYE (Redbridge Jewish Care A) - a mature performance in a physical battle against FC Team

7. DAN SILVERMAN (FC Team A) – “marked Adam Stolerman superbly well”

8. Yoav LEBENS (Hendon United Sports Club A) – “ran the show from first to last in a dominant midfield display”

9. David RHODES (NL Raiders A) – “an exemplary midfield performance, winning everything in the air and on the ground and definitely coming out victorious in the battle with Josh Bentley”

10. Adam STOLERMAN (Redbridge JC A) - broke FC Team's with a 94th minute equaliser

11. Jamie MURRAY (LM Lions White) - put in a real shift in the inter-club derby


Player: David Rhodes (NL Raiders A)

Manager: Mitch Young (FC Team A)

Goal: Zak McLeod (NL Raiders A)

Save: Jake Doffman (NL Raiders A)

Last updated: 11:24am, November 6 2013