Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: October 27

By Danny Caro, October 29, 2013

It's a sign of the times when the kids step up to beat the men, but to do it with style and grace, as AC Whetstone did, makes it even more palatable.

WINNER: Clive Nathan (AC Whetstone) - "We have been affiliated to Faithfold for many years and we admire all that the club stands for"



- David Garbacz (Hendon A) - QUOTE 1 - "It was not quite the 17 goals from round one, but not far off and probably overall a better all-round display"

- David Garbacz (Hendon A) - QUOTE 2 - "28 goals in two rounds of this cup so far is a reasonable return so we are looking well set up and the Sunday afternoon tea is tasting good"

- Dan Cordell (L'Equipe) - "Taking the silver-lining from the result is that it's almost November and we have just lost our first game of the season so we just need to make sure we bounce on from here right"

- David Garson (Faithfold C) - "Who said you win nothing with kids?"

- Adam Glekin (Hendon C) - "We were poor all over the pitch and didn't deserve anything from the game. We were outplayed and outfought by Jewdinese, though I have to say a look at the respect the ref campaign wouldn't go amiss on their side"

- Darren Lawrence (Jewdinese) - "Zac Brin got three, Jake Erlich got 2, I might have to register myself to get in on the act

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