Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: Oct 20

By Danny Caro, October 23, 2013

This quip by one of the longest-standing managers in the league hits the nail on the head perfectly.

WINNER: David Garson (Faithfold C) - "Hats off to Boca - they have completely rebuilt the team and are no longer the whipping boys we all love to play"



- Jonathan Ison (Blancos) - "Both goals came from Josh Gaon launching his missile of a throw into the box, with one of them being guided straight onto his younger brothers head, all 4 foot 3 of him. It was clearly a routine they have spent years working on in the garden"

- Simon Linden (Blizzard Storm) - "I have no complaints with the morning's work, play like that every week and we will get promotion"

- Stirling Kay (Neasden) - "As a team were very pleased the way we reacted to the first half. We learnt that when you play top teams you have to pay for 90 minutes, not 45"

- Clive Nathan (AC Whetstone) - "We left out our two leading scorers, yet still come away from our first ever senior cup game feeling we should be in the next round"

- Ricky Lawrence (SPEC FC) - " Without meaning to sound patronising, I thought Whetstone were excellent. They showed great fight and spirit and didn't deserve to lose like that"

- Adam Glekin (Hendon C) - QUOTE 1 - "It was a tough morning for us. It didn't get off to a great start when our keeper Yak Goldin revealed he had 'morning sickness', but seeing as he had a fine game maybe I'll encourage a few more of the lads to get preggers!

- Adam Glekin (Hendon C) - QUOTE 2 - "I thought we showed them too much respect in the first half and it was really frustrating to gift them several goals with individual errors...but credit to Norstar, at times I thought their touch, movement and skill were exceptional - certainly a different level to what we're used to playing against, and we couldn't cope with it"

- Adam Luria (Catford & Bromley) - QUOTE 1 - "If you have an off day in the league you can expect to still be in the game, but play badly against a very good team two divisions above you and you're going to get punished. That's exactly what happened"

- Adam Luria (Catford & Bromley) - QUOTE 2 - we'll view it as a free pass in a competition in which we weren't ever going to pull up any trees and in the dressing room after the whole squad was already looking forward to next week. We'll be looking for a massive Cats backlash to get today out of our systems

- David Domb (NL Raiders C) - "We're in the mix at the top of the table and we believe we have the talent to remain up there"

- Phil Peters (NL Raiders A) - QUOTE 1 - "Credit to Hendon – they really kept fighting in the second half and thoroughly deserved their goal. Adam said they were coming to play football and they were true to their word. Best of luck to them in their league season"

- Phil Peters (NL Raiders A) - QUOTE 2 - "We move on and have a week off now before big games at Oakwood and Hendon. I’ll enjoy watching the results come in from the Herzliya beach on Sunday, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be finishing the weekend on top of the table again"

- Ian Tussie (Oakwood B) - "We showed plenty of ruach to comeback twice and get ourselves into the bag"

- Dan Cordell (L'Equipe) - "An away win with a clean sheet in a cup game in Essex is always a good result!"

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