Danny Caro's Division 1 TOTW: October 13

By Danny Caro, October 15, 2013

Woodford, Shirley and Chigwell were the standout performers on Matchday 7 of the MGBSFL.

1. Rob Abrahams (Shirley Park) - Dave Lusman believes he's signed "one of the "best keepers in the league" and Brixton struggled to find a way past him

2. Gideon Gold (Shirley Park) - hat-trick hero in the demolition of Brixton

3. Raanan Firmin (Chigwell Athletic) - "Alex Bowman got little change out of him. Very solid performance for the second week running"

4. Paul Hizer (Chigwell Athletic) - "excellent full-back display. Untold blocks, headers and calm on the ball"

5. Craig Sanford (Chigwell Athletic) - "building up a great partnership with Craig Pearl as holding midfielders. Nothing got through Sandford, and Pearl was instrumental again with two assists and a goal"

6. Paul Billar (Woodford Wanderers) - one eye-catching performance from the man who wears his heart on his sleeve

7. Harrison Midda (Woodford Wanderers) - maintained his rich vein of with two more against Hendon B

8. James Ryan (Woodford Wanderers) - back in the spotlight after finding the net for a team firing on all cylinders

9. Jono Gaon (Blancos) - ran himself into the ground and scored a good goal against table-topping Brady B

10. Jamie Kent (Shirley Park) - another week, another hat-trick ...

11. Jamie Cooper (North West Neasden) - sensational performance in the mauling of Hendon B


Player: Gideon Gold (Shirley Park)

Manager: Tony Charles (Woodford)

Goal: Josh Laurier (Brady B)

Save: James Castle (Southgate Harmen)

Last updated: 5:29pm, October 15 2013