Danny Caro's Div 2 TOTW: September 22

By Danny Caro, September 25, 2013

This master class is just oozing with quality.

1. Oli SIMONS (Blizzard Storm) – “best keeper in the league,” according to his manager Simon Linden, his team conceded five but it could’ve been much worse were it not for Simons

2. Richard GOLD (Redbridge JC B) – “full back performance par excellence.Kept their all star attack quiet and one every 50:50 challenge”

3. Dave COHEN (Oakwood B) – “solid performance at right back as he looks to force his way back into the first team”

4. Rob SANFORD (FC Team C) – a tireless performance against Blizzard

5. Darren BROWN (Redbridge JC B) - kept Faithfold's talented front line quiet

6. Marc HYAMSON (Oakwood B) - capped a stunning display with a goal out of the top-drawer

7. Nathan SOLLOSI (Redbridge JC B) – “a virtuoso performance in midfield that was inspirational as it was technically magnificent”

8. Dan ROSE (Oakwood B) – “dominating performance from the big man on his return from injury”

9. Andrew HURWITZ (FC Team C) – capped a virtuoso performance with a goal

10. Ben ZLOOF (AC Mill Hill) - best performance of the season to date - three razor-sharp finishes

11. Jake GILBERT (Athletic Bilbaum) - front man produced three clinical finishes


Player: Nathan Sollosi (Redbridge JC B)

Manager: Michael Myers & Ben Gilbey (FC Team C)

Goal: Ben Zloof (AC Mill Hill)

Save: Oli Simons (Blizzard)

Last updated: 10:17am, September 25 2013