Danny Caro's Goal of the Week: September 22

By Danny Caro, September 24, 2013

This week's golden goal was a thing of sheer beauty.

WINNER: Marc Hymanson (Oakwood B) - rolled back the years with a left-foot curler. Hymo outpaced the Team full-back, took him to see Dot Cotton (to the cleaners), cut inside onto his left foot and bent a beauty in from 20 yards. According to the lads it was magical!


- Ben Zloof (AC Mill Hill) - having beaten the defender with quick feet he pinged a shot into the top corner from just outside the box

- Andrew Hurwitz (FC Team C) - a direct dribbler who galloped through two men and coolly finished a side-footed shot. A great debut goal

- Oli Nathan (NL Raiders C) - scored a majestic free-kick from 25 yards out that any keeper would have struggled to get close to

- Daniel Raphael (Brixton) - a perfectly-executed chip into the top corner against Brady B

- David Dinkin (NL Raiders A) - free kick from just outside the box was as important as it was spectacular – the catalyst for his side’s comeback and as sure a sign as any that Raiders’ no. 10 is back from his five-month injury lay-off

Last updated: 4:56pm, September 24 2013