Danny Caro's Div 1 TOTW: September 22

By Danny Caro, September 24, 2013

Here are the star men from Division One on Matchday 4 of the MGBSFL season.

1. Rob ABRAHAMS (Shirley Park) - a big performance from the journeyman keeper helped his team net three valuable points

2. Paul SHONE (Woodford Wanderers) - did what it says on the tin!

3. Jake SUISSA (Los Blancos) - "solid centre half performance capped off with a goal"

4. Tony CHARLES (Woodford Wanderers) - was a tower of strength at the back against Chigwell

5. Adam POOLE (Woodford Wanderers) - marked Steve Summers out of the game

6. Daniel GARFINKEL (Hendon B) - capped a solid display with a well-taken goal

7. Darren HAHN (Woodford Wanderers) - helped his team tick in midfield against a star-studded Chigwell team

8. Gideon GOLD (Shirley Park) - livewire was too hot for Harmen to handle

9. Chaim GOTHOLD (Hendon United Sports Club B) - took his goal nicely and good link-up play helped his team see off a determined Faithfold C

10. Mitch HAHN (Woodford Wanderers) - led Chigwell a merry dance with two goals in the derby

11. Jamie KENT (Shirley Park) - destroyed Harmen with three clinical finishes, was a constant threat


Player: Mitch Hahn (Woodford Wanderers)


Manager: Scott Smith (Brixton)

Goal: Daniel Raphael (Brixton)

Save: Rob Abrahams (Shirley Park)

Last updated: 4:49pm, September 24 2013