Fox tells Young to put up or shut up

By Danny Caro, September 18, 2013

A leading MGBSFL official has dismissed FC Team boss Mitch Young as a "perpetual moaner" for criticising referee Stephen Levy after his side’s Premier Division defeat against Brady Maccabi.

Young claims Levy missed a “red card incident” when one of the Brady defenders "went through the back" of one of his players. He also claims Levy “saw a Brady player kick his striker in the head and gave a yellow card".

"I'm shocked, amazed and disappointed at what we all witnessed on Sunday,” he said. “We have heard various managers complain about the referees in our league and I myself have made reports to Referees Secretary Martin Fox internally on a number of occasions, but this was a disgrace.

"I'm concerned about the refereeing standards in the MGBSFL and I have to protect my players. These guys are paid to do a job.

"They need to be held accountable and when the safety of my players is brought into question I believe this needs to be addressed. I think Maccabi GB should look at the standard of refereeing in the league and come up with an initiative to encourage younger officials to come forward."

Secretary Fox said that comments such as Young’s are driving referees out of the game.

He said: "Stephen is a very experienced referee and I’ve never known him to lose control of a match. I’ve spoken to him about the incident which he told me was ‘a tangle of legs’ and not deliberate.

"Mitch is a perpetual moaner and I suggest he just gets on with it, because without referees, there will be no football."

Last updated: 12:18pm, September 18 2013