Danny Caro's Prem Div TOTW: September 15

By Danny Caro, September 17, 2013

Here are the big-hitters from Matchday 3 of the MGBSFL season.

1. Jake DOFFMAN (Norstar London Raiders A) - "tamed the Lions once again with an outstanding all-round performance that included two world-class saves"

2. Avi KORMAN (Hendon A) - “a super solid display against LML White, didn't never put a foot wrong all game” against Lions"

3. Jake WEINER (FC Team A) - "brilliant against Brady and could do nothing about the goals"

4. Zac SKRY (Brady A) - "was brilliant against FC Team A, did not let anyone intimidate him and made crucial tackles time and time again MOM performance"

5. Alex TAYLOR (Faithfold A) - a rock at the back against Oakwood


7. Alex KOSLOVER (Oakwood A) - "dictated play at times on an impressive debut against Faithfold

8. Will BERESFORD (LM Lions) - "fantastic the whole game and didn't let the NLR winger have a sniff"

9. Greg CORIN (Hendon A) - "caused huge problems all match despite an unbelievable missed open goal"

10. Mike PEARSON (Faithfold A) - "punished two early Oakwood mistakes with two clinical finishes and was a handful from start to finish"

11. James LAW (Redbridge JC A) - tigerish display against Camden


Player: Bradley Sharp (Brady A)

Managers: Josh Rosenfeld & Joel Nathan (Brady A)

Goal: Alex Koslover (Oakwood A)

Save: Sam Singer (Brady A)

Last updated: 4:03pm, September 17 2013