Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: September 15

By Danny Caro, September 17, 2013

Some of the MGBSFL's managers were in top form in the JC press conference room post-match on Week 3 of the MGBSFL season. There were quite a few pearlers and in the end it came down to two, Jamie Kyte and Phil Peters. The Norstar boss is enjoying a bit of a purple patch at the minute and it appears he can do no wrong.

WINNER: - - Phil Peters (NL Raiders A) - "Who knows when this winning run will end but we’re enjoying it while it lasts and are delighted to be top of the tree at Sukkos – hopefully our results will continue to be just as fruitful"



- Joe Levy (AC Mill Hill) - "Credit to Faithfold - they played some good football and the game was played in the right fashion despite difficulties with the original ref"

- Adam Glekin (Hendon C) - "Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, but my 30 yard strike deserves a mention!"

- Dan Cordell (L'Equipe) - "If we had let a 4-1 lead slip to 4-4 I would have sent the boys back to synagogue to atone for what could have been a woeful sin"

- Ian Tussie (Oakwood B) - QUOTE 1 - "The Sollosi brothers were particularly impressive and were like a young Michael and Brian Laudrup in midfield and had it not been my team on the receiving end I think I'd have enjoyed watching them"

- Ian Tussie (Oakwood B) - "I was, however, a little disappointed by the antics of their managers. I'm not sure of their names but they were a bit like the Mitchell brothers on the sidelines (and often 10 yards on the pitch) winding up our keeper. 'Send him off ref' they would shout in a tone very similar to Phil Mitchell telling Ian Beale to 'sling yer 'ook' from the Queen Vic. That disappointed me and I think it's not in the spirit of the game"

- Zack Gothelf (NL Raiders C) - "We didn't play as well as we could have done and we know that, but we can take a lot of satisfaction from the fact that we didn't lose, something we certainly would have done last season"

- Mitch Young (FC Team A) - "I am tempted to say my grandma would have scored the chances we missed!"

- James Lesner (SPEC FC) - "it’s natural for Harmen to feel frustrated to concede a last minute goal, though having watched the first penalty back on video, we can confirm that there were some players in the box and therefore the correct decision was made for it to be retaken"

- Henry Ziff (Brady B) - "Our performance today was a bit like breaking the fast; it promised so much but didn't live up to expectations. Still we got the three points and a clean sheet so bagels all round"

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