Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: September 1

By Danny Caro, September 3, 2013

There's nothing like a gallant loser. This week's star man is always magnanimous in defeat and that's why he's my Special One.

WINNER - David Garson (Faithfold C) - "All credit to our young opposition today who didn't give up when most teams would have crumbled - a welcome addition to the league"



- Darren Lawrence (Jewdinese) - "after going 3-0 down with only 25 minutes to go the boys plays incredible and have really shown that Jewdinese mean business this season"

- Adam Glekin (Hendon C) - "I have no idea what Jonathan Nesbitt was doing up there for his goal, but I'll take it!"

- Jacob Kadoch (King Crown) - "Football is a game that can suprise you and thats exactly what it did. The reaction is what matters"

- Phil Peters (NL Raiders A) - "Merging two teams was never going to be easy, but with a full pre-season under our belts we showed today the kind of performance-level and result that I’m going to be expecting every week but there’s still a lot of work to do"

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