Cyril Anekstein Cup round one draw

By Danny Caro, August 29, 2013

The tie of the round sees Premier Division rivals Redbridge Jewish Care A and FC Team A go head to head.


Oakwood A (PD) vs Jewdinese (3)

North London Raiders C (3) vs Los Blancos (1)

Redbridge Jewish Care A (PD) vs FC Team A (PD)

Southgate Harmen (1) vs Shirley Park (1)

Hendon United Sports Club B (1) vs Faithfold C (3)

Kings Crown (3) vs London Maccabi Lions Blue (PD)

Athletic Bilbaum (2) vs Camden Park (PD)

Hendon United Sports Club A (PD) vs Boca Jewniors (3)

Faithfold A (PD) vs Redbridge Jewish Care B (2)

AC Mill Hill (2)
AC Whetstone (3)
Blizzard Storm (2)
Brady Maccabi A (PD)
Brady Maccabi B (1)
Brixton Old Boys (1)
Catford & Bromley Maccabi (3)
Chigwell Athletic (1)
Faithfold B (2)
FC Team B (2)
FC Team C (2)
Hendon United Sports Club C (3)
L’Equipe (3)
Liverpool Haroldeans (2)
London Maccabi Lions White (PD)
Loughton Orient (3)
Norstar London Raiders A (PD)
Norstar London Raiders B (2)
North West Neasden (1)
Oakwood B (2)
Temple Fortune (3)
Woodford Wanderers (1)

Ties scheduled to be played on September 22

- PD - Premier Division, Numbers in brackets denotes division

Last updated: 3:47pm, August 29 2013