Season 2013/14 preview: AC Whetstone

By Danny Caro, August 22, 2013

AC Whetstone boss Clive Nathan reveals his plans for the season.

Which competitions have you entered? MSFL Division 3 and the Peter Morrison Trophy

Which of the signings excites you most? Our major coup has been getting double Maccabiah Golden Boot winner Laurence Swerner to sign. He may be slightly older than the rest of our squad but his help with our young forwards will be invaluable. He also will make sure the team dress well and in turn they can help him with his iPhone

What are your hopes for the season? Every season since we formed in 2004 we have had the same two objectives: that the boys want to play again the next season and that they improve. It's the same this year

Which players would you describe as the 'ones to watch' and why? We operate a Utilitarian philosophy that puts the team before any individual. By identifying an individual we would be going against that philosophy and that could result in a member of the management team being sent to a Gulag

Which team/s do you consider your strongest challengers? We eschew the detailed preparations of David Moyes for a more - "Let's see what happens approach". Generally we turn up and say "they look big"

Captain: The designated person is Alex Woffenden, but every one of our players is a leader in his own right

Sponsorship update: We are talking to various parties to see if they can remain solvent long enough to pay for some kit!

Home ground: Chase Lodge because we are part of the Faithfold family

What will your team bring to the league this season? Youthful exuberance; our own liveried transport and a range of Country and Western songs

Last updated: 11:36am, August 22 2013