Danny Caro's Division 3 Team of the Season

By Danny Caro, June 14, 2013

Here are the top performers from Division Three in season 2012/13

1. OREN HURY (Oakwood B) - pipped Boca's Ryan Monk and Loughton's Marc Jacobs to the post as he was one of the stars of the show in Oakwood's title-winning team. "Has had a really strong season, despite pulling his hamstring in quite ridiculous circumstances only 15 minutes into the first game of the season against Jewve (Alava Shalom), he soon became one of our most important players. He's been brilliant and when we've really needed him to perform e.g. the huuuuuuge win at FC Team at the end of the season, he's made quality saves"

2. ADAM AMINOFF (FC Team C) - "had a great season, scoring goals and assists as well as never neglecting his defensive duties. Great ball control and skills, a great player to have"

3. FARRELL MONK (Faithfold C) - "has played every game and been consistently a towering figure at the back despite being 3ft"

4. EITAN BEN ZION (FC Team C) - "Centre-back extraordinaire! A tough tackler, great ball winner and also a threat from corners. Scored some crucial goals, especially a wonderful overhead-kick"

5. ERIC LEWIS (Oakwood B) - "superb all season at centre back. Ez doesn't love playing there but it's hard to play him anywhere else when he's playing so well. We've got a very good defensive record this season and whilst we're blessed with three other quality centre backs - Marc Conway, Stef Isaacs and Jamie Beale - Eric has been consistently excellent throughout the year"

6. DAVE SHERMAN (Faithfold C) - "has played on the left or up front has scored some fantastic goals and has created the most"

7. DAVE EDEN (Oakwood B) - "Dave, or Sven as he's known (he shares with Sven Goran Erikkson a penchant for silk boxer shorts), has been so consistent throughout the season for us. He's a player you hang-your-coat on who plays with the same intensity whether it's the first minute or the last minute of a game and he's been a real leader for us too throughout the season. He's old school B2B (box-to-box) and if he stopped using the outside of his boot he could play professionally"

8. JOE LEVY (AC Mill Hill) - had hit season cut short by a broken leg but laid the foundations for an excellent campaign where his quality stood out

9. BEN POLAK (Oakwood B) - "his goal record this season has been amazing and the variety of his goals too is so impressive. He's not just a flat-track bully who scores against the lesser teams either but has scored some massive goals for us. He is one the best headerers of the ball I've ever played with whether it be the back-from-whence-it-came header, the flick-header, the bullet-header, the diving-header or the clearance-from-inside-the-six-yard-box header. But he's not just good in the air either, he's a quality footballer and has had an amazing season"

10. BEN ZLOOF (AC Mill Hill) - scored goals for fun most weeks of the season and his name will certainly be on the wish-list of several managers higher up the league. A class act

11. DAVID JAMES COHEN (FC Team C) - "can carve a defence open as if it was Shabbos dinner. Scored some great goals but his range of passing has to be by far the best in the league"


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