Danny Caro's Division 1 Team of the Season

By Danny Caro, June 14, 2013

Here is the JC MSFL Select XI from Division One.

1. DAVID KOSKY (London Maccabi Lions B) - "still one of the best keepers in the league. It's hard to appreciate how good he is sometimes as you just take what he does for granted. He doesn't make mistakes, he catches crosses with ease and his positioning is always perfect. He generally only concedes goals he can't save"

2. BEN HARRIS (Camden Park) - "A terrier at right-back. Most athletic player in the team – strong fast fit and over the season has developed a good footballing brain. Full package and i'd be surprised if he couldn’t get in to any Jewish team"

3. BRAD GAYER (Chigwell Athletic) - "Been on Charlton's books. Cultured left foot, old head on young shoulders. By far the best left-back in the division, loves to get forward and will only improve next season"

4. MICHAEL KHALASTCHI (Camden Park) - "His blaze attitude makes what he does on the pitch even more impressive. Week in, week out he has never failed to impress. As solid as a rock. Popped up with a few goals. Similar to David Luiz, when Luiz is on form

5. NICK ASTAIRE (London Maccabi Lions B) - "Like a fine wine has just got better with age. There's a reason our defence has been one of the best across all divisions and Nick is the main reason. Henry Ziff has often says that he has nothing to do all game and that's because Nick wins every header and challenge. Available for either selection for open team or masters as he is over 35"

6. SHAI DAVIDI (Temple Fortune A) - a consistent performer on the flank in what was a tough season for the team

7. ADAM BERNSTEIN (Glenthorne United A) - "got better as season went on. Tirelessly worked up and down the pitch, a great engine"

8. SAM ARGHEBANT (London Maccabi Lions B) - "G-d as he's known in the dressing room, we are always fortunate to be blessed with his presence. His touch rivals Steve Summers, his footwork Aviel Schwarz (his idol) and his shooting beckham (scored from kick off against camden which is something I've never seen before and won us the game"

9. DAN LASSMAN (Glenthorne United A) - "scored vital goals to win us games and brings a touch of class to the pitch. A true gentleman"

10. JAMIE KENT (Shirley Park) - claimed the coveted Golden Boot award for a record third time. Deserved some more silverware after an excellent campaign when he scored for fun. Hit 35 of the best

11. RICHARD SILVER (Camden Park) - "Thierry Henry-esque moving from his winger position last season to Striker this season. The goals tally has doubled and his movement and touch are second to none. His game has matured and a bit like RVP hopefully his goals will lead us to the title"


Last updated: 12:07pm, June 14 2013