Dunham ladies top of the class

By Danny Caro, June 3, 2013
Judy Byrne Murray from Edmondstown fired a hole-in-one on the 4th

Judy Byrne Murray from Edmondstown fired a hole-in-one on the 4th

Dunham Forest Golf Club secured the main trophy at the 17th Ladies National Tournament, held at Moor Allerton Golf Club in Leeds.

Twelve teams featuring 84 players competed at the prestigious event, which is the only competition where ladies from Jewish Golf Clubs and Societies all over the UK and Ireland have a chance to compete with each other.

The South Manchester club won the Team Gross, as well as the Singles Gross, Singles Nett Runner-up, Fourball Gross, Combined Singles & Fourball Gross and Team Singles Nett.

There was much excitement early on in the tournament when Judy Byrne Murray from Edmondstown in Dublin had a hole in one on the 4th par 3 and she then went on to win the Singles Nett trophy.

Sarah Calmonson from Dunham Forest clinched the Singles Gross with an excellent round of 86.

Moor Allerton won three trophies – Fourball Gross Runners-up, Fourball Nett and Team Fourball Nett, while Edmondstown from Dublin claimed the Singles Nett, Combined Singles and Fourball Nett and the Team Nett.

The teams this year were Abridge, Bonnyton, Coombe Hill, Dyrham Park, Dunham Forest, Edmondstown, Hartsbourne, Lee Park, Moor Allerton, Shirley, Whitefield and a Combined Societies Team.

The competition is staged alternately in London and the Provinces and will be held next year at Coombe Hill Golf Club in Surrey on May 22.


Abridge Bowl (Singles Gross): Sarah Calmonson (Dunham Forest) 86

Dunham Trophy (Singles Gross runner-up): Anne Orman (Hartsbourne) 87

Whitefield Trophy (Singles Nett): Judy Byrne Murray (Edmondstown) 71

Lee Park Trophy (Singles Nett runner-up): Sue Wrigley (Dunham Forest) off back 6 from Thelma Goldstone (Lee Park) 78

Hartsbourne Trophy (Fourball Gross): Pat Dee & Linda Sandle (Dunham Forest) 83

S.J.L.G.C. Trophy (Fourball Gross runners-up): Debbie Stewart and Mary Martin (Moor Allerton) 86

Moor Allerton Trophy (Fourball Nett): Sue Stone and Hilary Jackson off the back 9 (Moor Allerton) 69

Edmondstown Trophy (Fourball Nett runners-up): Lynne Pearson and Rachel Slicer Watkinson (Shirley) 69

Coombe Hill Trophy (Combined Singles & Fourball Gross): Sarah Calmonson, Pat Dee and Linda Sandle (Dunham Forest) 169

Potters Bar Trophy (Combined Singles & Fourball Nett): Judy Byrne Murray, Marie Gormley and Anne O’Connell (Edmondstown) 145

Bonnyton Quaich (Team Singles Nett): Sarah Calmonson, Cath Barker and Sue Wrigley (Dunham Forest) 153

Society Ball (Team Fourball Nett): Sue Stone, Hilary Jackson, Debbie Stewart and Mary Martin (Moor Allerton) 140

Shirley Trophy (Team Nett): Edmondstown 308

Dyrham Park Trophy (Team Gross): Dunham Forest 354

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