Danny Caro's Goal of the Week: May 10

By Danny Caro, May 17, 2013

It was fitting that in the week when David Beckham announced his retirement, Norstar's player-manager scored a free-kick that the great man would've been proud of.

WINNER Phil Peters (Norstar A) - it was an effort that Beckham or even Aviel Schwarz would've been proud of. Peters stepped up to nonchalantly curled a stunning 35-yard free-kick past the wall and into the top corner against Raiders. David Simnock could only stand and admire it



- Alex Bowman (Lions B) - Sam Arghebant received the ball on the left wing, skinned his man down the line before cutting a floating cross to the edge of the box for Bowman to volley into the right corner. One of the best goals this season ...

- Dan Simons (Blizzard Storm) - GOAL 3 - a stunning strike curled home from outside the box

- Guy Marks (Camden Park) - on a day when it needed something special to beat James Castle, Marks produced the good

- Jake Saunders (Camden Park) - a sublime finish past the inspired James Castle

Last updated: 1:00pm, May 17 2013