Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: April 14

By Danny Caro, April 16, 2013

There were some real belters on Matchday 31 of the JC MSFL season, but in the end there can only be one winner and it's the Oakwood B gaffer who is toasting treble delight following the vital win over FC Team C.

WINNER: - Ian Tussie (Oakwood B) - QUOTE 2 - "I've banned all use of the P-word - Prosecco - as we still have two massive games left"



- Motty Korman (Hendon B) - "It was a fantastic performance from 1-11 and good to get a win again" after the 4-1 victory over Lions B

- Richard Slater (Chigwell) - "It was such a massive win, with more than 10 players out. What a performance" after the 4-3 win at Harmen

- John Nitka (Brixton) - "the score today was flattering as for parts in the game we outplayed them" after the 10-3 defeat at Lions

- Joel Nathan (Brady A) - "the boys who came in did very well and now Josh and I have some tough decisions over our starting line up" after the 3-0 win at Raiders

- Simon Linden (Blizzard Storm) - "We are up against it and the weeks are running out, but I'm fully confident we can stay in this league" after the 3-2 defeat against SPEC FC

- Josh Dagul (Brady B) - QUOTE 1 - "Dan Harrod showed just why we paid such big bucks to sign him from Faithfold" following the 5-1 win over the Cats

- Josh Dagul (Brady B) - QUOTE 2 - "Although promotion is not mathematically guaranteed, this win leaves SPEC FC needing to overturn a 36-goal swing in three games, so I'm absolutely chuffed with the lads for what I think I can safely say is another promotion"

- Adam Luria (Catford & Bromley) - "The 11 that were out there gave everything today but as ever it's the players who don't show up who let everyone else down" on the 5-1 loss against Brady

- James Lesner (SPEC FC) - "The only other incident of note in an unremarkable first half saw a dog enter the field of play just short of the half chiwahour mark" on the 3-2 win at Blizzard

- Ric Blank (Oakwood A) - "Faithfold are easily the best team we've played this year and are worthy champions. We wish the boys Daryl and Zuriel all the best and hope to be having a crack at them again next year" after the double-header defeat against the Superhoops

- Craig Miller (Hendon C) - "Haki Elias is retiring from football having had a 15-year career with Hendon. He's an absolute legend and it's phenomenal he was still playing this season" after the 3-0 win over Tottenham

- Jon Jacobs (Redbridge JC B) - "It is a shame that teams that are organised well can lose out on days like this playing on pitches that you should be sailing on, not attempting to play football on" after the 3-1 loss at Bilbaum

- Ian Tussie (Oakwood B) - QUOTE 1 - "Not bad for a team only back in the race because of Jewventus folding..." after the victory over FC Team C

- David Lubczanski (Norstar B) - "It was Norstar stalwart Robin's first goal in orange in five seasons and over 7,000 minutes of football. It's just a shame that it was during a game in which was lost, as it was long overdue" following the 4-2 defeat in part two of a double-header against FC Team B

- Michael Myers (FC Team C) - "Oakwood had a stroke of luck with Jewventus folding as they had dropped points to them. I'm hoping our stroke of luck comes in the form of AC Mill Hill defeating Oakwood on Sunday"

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