Head raises the bar in Sheffield

March 22, 2013

Shachar Head continued her preparations for the World Powerlifting Championships by winning the novice title at the British Colleges and Universities (BUCS) Olympic weightlifting competition in Sheffield.

The teenager from Devon lifted a snatch of 43kg and a clean and jerk of 59kg for a total of 102kg which surpassed her 100kg target to win the 69kg-plus competition.

Head said: “I performed beyond my own expectations and victory came as a real bonus. I feel that what I have achieved over the past six weeks has given me the best start in the sport.

“I am now even more motivated and focused to reach higher levels of weightlifting whilst continuing my success in powerlifting. It’s going to be hard work, but I am ready to put in the training time and dedication that is required.

“I also have the opportunity to apply for the Great Britain Talent Identification Academy in Weightlifting, so the hard work starts here.”

Last updated: 12:57pm, March 22 2013