Danny Caro's Division 3 TOTW: March 3

By Danny Caro, March 6, 2013

Loughton Orient did what few achieve and won both legs of a double-header, so there's much for them to cheer about in the Division Three Select XI from Matchday 25 of the JC MSFL season.

1. Ryan Monk (Boca Jewniors)

2. James Segal (Tottenham Chutspah)

3. Ryan Kissin (Loughton Orient)

4. Jonathan Dubiner (Temple Fortune B)

5. Josh Barnett (Faithfold C)

6. Adam Morrow (Tottenham Chutspah)

7. David Blitz (Loughton Orient)

8. Dave Sherman (Faithfold C)

9. David James Cohen (FC Team C)

10. Stefan Simons (Faithfold C)

11. Ben Zloof (AC Mill Hill)

Player: Ryan Kissin (Loughton Orient)

Manager: Dan Curtis (Loughton Orient)

Goal: Tom Orr (Norstar C)

Save: Oren Hury (Oakwood B)

Last updated: 5:38pm, March 6 2013