Danny Caro's Division 2 Goal of the Week: March 3

By Danny Caro, March 6, 2013

Brady B stole a march on their Division Two title rivals with an emphatic win over Blizzard Storm. The stars of FC Team B's win over Bilbaum also got the nod.

1. Neil Sapler (Glenthorne Utd B)

2. Nathan Harrod (Brady Maccabi B)

3. Scott Benson (Brady Maccabi B)

4. Jordan Sapler (Glenthorne Utd B)

5. Aryeh Marks (Los Blancos)

6. Paul Walker (FC Team B)

7. James Joseph (Brady Maccabi B)

8. Dan Goldstone (Brady Maccabi B)

9. Eddie Sternberg (FC Team B)

10. Jonny Blain (North London Raiders B)

11. Adam Goldsmith (FC Team B)

Player: Paul Walker (FC Team B)

Manager: Ben Simon (FC Team B)

Goal: James Joseph (Brady B)

Save: Adam Speck (Blizzard Storm)

Last updated: 5:34pm, March 6 2013