Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: January 27

By Danny Caro, January 29, 2013

Hendon have had things all their own way in recent times, but it's good to see their manager David Garbacz speak from the heart after the gut-wrenching cup defeat against the Lions.

WINNER: - David Garbacz (Hendon A) - "I'm not sure we have ever lost on penalties before and all the old clich├ęs about it being the most painful way to lose are definately true"



- Andy Landesberg (LM Lions A) - "Lions went up a level today, and that is the very minimum we must achieve on a week by week basis from every member of this great squad"

- Zack Gothelf (Norstar C) - "We took heart from playing against a team right up there in our league. We were expecting a much tougher opposition and we'll give them a much better game in the return leg"

- Ian Tussie (Oakwood B) - "I'm surprised to see their manager's post-match comments that they were expecting a much tougher opposition. Hopefully next time we give them a harder game"

- Josh Dagul (Brady B) - "We pushed a good team from the league above all the way, and that is a huge positive"

Last updated: 11:52am, January 29 2013