Player profile: Danny Reuben

London Maccabi Lions

December 22, 2009

Age: 28 for the past 10 years
Lives: Mill Hill
Occupation: Property investor/agent.
Nickname: Reubs
Team supported: Liverpool
Position: More than the Karma Sutra. Now “up front”.
Previous clubs: Too many to name, but notably, Brady, Mile High, Wingate
Status: Married to the ultimate WAG, Victoria
Likes: Sumo wrestling with sons Jake (8) and Luca (6)
Dislikes: Andy Myers reminiscing
Football idol: Kenny Dalglish
Best player played with: Paul Linger
Famous look-a-like: None that I’m aware of!
Favourite ground:Top pitch at Rowley Lane
Favourite food: Japanese
Favourite kosher restaurant: Deli Express Mill Hill every Monday morning with Frank Steinberg
Favourite holiday destination: With or without family?
Favourite car: Never been too bothered about cars
Actual car: Range Rover Sport
Big match preparation: The requisite two Redbulls, two bananas and breakfast bars
Dream date: Night out with the boys.
Career highlight: Winning Gold at Pan American Maccabi Games in Argentina and bronze in Israel a few months ago.
Most embarrassing moment: Quite a few, but probably being arrested as a 17-year-old for driving through a police cordon (whilst almost mowing down 100 journalists) outside Liberty’s a few minutes after a bomb had gone off. Then being frogmarched back to the scene with cameras flashing
Claim to fame: Probably more infamous
One regret: Maybe some of the answers in this profile.
Motto: What sort of people actually have mottos?
Studs or blades? Blades
Bagels or rye bread? Both
Shwarma or falafel? Shwarma

Last updated: 3:42pm, December 22 2009