Player profile: Jake Gottlieb

North West Neasden

December 10, 2009

Age: 21
Lives: Radlett
Occupation: Recruitment
Nickname: Snake
Team supported: Tottenham
Position: Left-back
Previous clubs: Radlett Rangers, Wingate
Status: Taken
Likes: Sleeping
Dislikes: Onions
Football idol: Roberto Carlos
Best player played with: Jewish - Darren Yarlett, Non-Jewish: Daniel Levenfiche (we don’t think he is Jewish!)
Famous look-a-like: Dumbo
Favourite ground: White Hart Lane
Favourite food: Steak
Favourite restaurant: Burger King in Israel
Favourite holiday destination: Vegas
Favourite film: Training Day
Favourite car: BMW M3
Actual car: Audi A3
Big match preparation: Egg, chips, beans and sausage
Dream date: Cheryl Cole
Career highlights: Playing at Anfield in the 2010 FA Sunday Cup final, beating London Maccabi Lions A at Rowley Lane after we had already won the league
Most embarrassing moment: Getting naked on stage in Leeds in front of 1,500 people
Claim to fame: Named longest in the shower by my NWN teammates on Sky Sports’ Soccer AM
One regret: Eating egg, chips, beans and sausage before a football match
Motto: If you cheat you have a better chance of winning
Studs or blades? Studs
Bagels or rye bread? Bagel
Shwarma or falafel? I’d rather starve

Last updated: 11:44am, December 10 2009