Player profie: Richard Ferrer

Casual Nomads

July 16, 2009

Age: 38
Lives: North Finchley
Occupation: Journalist
Nickname: Mr Ferrer
Role: Opening batsman
Teams supported: Middlesex and QPR, who may well find they are better at cricket than football
Previous clubs: None
Status: Significant other
Likes: Comfortable knitwear, bendy staws, hiding, frozen grapes (try it, it’ll revolutionise snack time)
Dislikes: Wet bread, gravy, people who think they’re psychic
Cricket hero: Chris Tavare
Favourite ground: To play — Shenley. To watch — Lord’s
Favourite kosher restaurant: Second Avenue Deli in Manhattan
Tea-time favourite: A nice spicy Bombay mix
Favourite holiday destination: Melbourne
Favourite film: Star Wars
Favourite car: Blue ones
Actual car: Honda Accord. A blue one
Big match preparation: Unleashing imaginary Goweresque cover drives (against Malcolm Marshall in his prime) in my bedroom
Dream date: Winona Ryder in Heathers/Mermaids days
Career highlight: Maccabi Division 2 batsman of the year 2004
Top score: 105 not out
Most embarrassing moment (playing cricket): Concussing an elderly opponent while trying to run him out. Still feel guilty
Claim to fame: Being told by Ariel Sharon at a press conference that I was too young to interview him and should go back to school. I was 34
One regret: Watching telly highlights of England v West Indies at Lord’s in 2004 to see Omari Banks smash a six slap bang into my empty seat. It would have been my greatest catch but I’d nipped to the loo

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