We're on course for an early finish

By David Wolff, November 28, 2011

We can regard ourselves as extremely lucky that, so far, the weather has been extremely kind and that no games have been postponed. Let us hope that this long continues and we can finish the season on time or even earlier.

I have really enjoyed all my visits this season and the quality of the football has been really good and I haven’t even been to a game in the Premier Division yet.

I took in the tail-end of a match last week end and saw the manager, who had been acting as the assistant-referee, run on to the pitch and vigorously remonstrated with him over a disputed decision. His behaviour was completely unacceptable and I really hope actions like this stop immediately.

Referees will just walk away and all the hard work put in by Martin Fox will be fruitless. If team officials can’t set examples then what chance does anyone else have?

Non-Jewish cups update
The Cup competitions are progressing well and I am particularly delighted that Hendon United Sports Club A and Brixton Old Boys A have progressed in their respective London FA cups. These competitions are an excellent way in which we can sell ourselves to the ‘outside’ world and make new friends.

Know your First Aid
I want to repeat and cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have a sterile and fully equipped First Aid kit available at each game and, what is as important, someone who knows how to use it. Every team should have at least one, if not more, fully competent people to administer first aid.

There was a terrible incident in a Masters game last weekend that required an ambulance being called. Luckily a doctor was participating in the game and he lent much valued assistance.

Time for Blatter to step aside
There has been a great deal in the press and on TV about the 'unfortunate' remarks made by Sepp Blatter the other week. The words were poorly thought out and did much to undermine the valuable work that is being done, particularly, in this country, to eliminate racism and antisemitism. We can never be ‘blasé’ about this subject and especially, as Jews, we are at the front in the firing line. I think Blatter realised his errors and he really appeared to be most uncomfortable and fidgety at his subsequent interview by the BBC.

In view of the several errors and reputation that FIFA now have as a completely disrepute organisation, he would do well to stand down. However, he obviously earns huge sums and would not wish to lose the income that his position generates. I think we will all have to sit it out until the end of his term.

Up the Hammers
West Ham United at second in the Championship and drifting above team three is a position that everyone (apart from Southampton) would envy. We are on course for a swift return to the top flight. The standard of football in the Championship is not great and we would need to really improve the squad if we do get back. In the meantime no one can complain about the excellent points tally we have made on the road and I hope we can add to that at Upton Park. The move to the Olympic Stadium has gone on back burner and as far as I am concerned, it can stay there!

See you all on the circuit.

David Wolff
JCMaccabi (Southern) Football League

Last updated: 11:38am, November 28 2011