A timely boost for the MSFL

By David Wolff, August 13, 2011

We are now in the early days of August. The Football League has begun. The Premiership starts this weekend and you are all preparing for the start of the Maccabi season next month.

So what have your committee been doing?

Well, first and foremost we have managed to secure an extension to our sponsorship with the JEWISH CHRONICLE for the next two years. I must tell you that I am absolutely delighted that we have been able to achieve this. We have had an excellent working partnership for the last TEN years during which time we have been able to develop and project the league as a COMMUNAL leader.

I am extremely proud of the way the league has developed down the years and even though the number have reduced in more recent times we do have an extremely viable product that generates great interest amongst our young and not so young participants.
I am pleased to say that we have increased our number to 50 teams this summer and I hope we can, in the years ahead, add to this.

Another new innovation will be the publication of our handbook online with several new very interesting and useful features. We shall not need to print as many copies as before but with every improving technology we are able to keep ourselves well up to date so that everyone can be kept informed.

Another new feature this coming season is the inauguration of MATCH BASED discipline instead of TIME BASED as in the past. I really believe that this will be fairer but the bottom line is not to get sent off at all then you won’t have to worry about it.

I have just come back from the European Maccabi Games in Vienna at which TeamGB won a multitude of medals. It was a most wonderful experience, as always, and is great to meet up with old friends and make many new ones too.

I had better mention West Ham. Not the start that we wanted last Sunday against Cardiff City but I must say I think that they showed a lot of promise. I think Sam Allardyce will do a good job. I thought that we played well enough to get a draw but what was so apparent was a lack of fire power which needs to be sorted. I am the eternal optimist so expect to be back in the Premiership in 2012-2013.

Have a great season.

David Wolff
JCMaccabi (Southern) Football League

Last updated: 11:07am, August 13 2011