A word from the chairman

By David Wolff, September 13, 2010

Anyone would think that the Close Season is a quite time for everyone involved in football but nothing could be further from the truth.

I must admit that I have used June to take a complete rest from the league but now we have to set everything up for next season which includes interviewing new teams, deciding on the structure for the new season, which the Management Committee will discuss and then recommend to the AGM which is held to elect the leagues Committee and change the Rules of the League.

The handbook will then have to be compiled together with a list of Teams and information and also Referees.

Fixtures will then be produced but before doing so a great deal of information needs to be collected.

I have enjoyed, up to a point the World Cup. I never thought that England would go very far. I really do not think that we have the players to compete with the likes of the Brazilians and Argentineans. I really do not think we can blame Capello. When Erikkson was in charge he was blamed for a ‘holiday camp’ regime whereas Capello is said to be too authoritarian. Players who have been to the Maccabiah and other tournaments will appreciate that boredom can play a very negative role so it’s important for the fitness of both body and mind to be maintained.

Sadly, in this country our tabloid press take great delight in putting people down to the extent of being nothing short of intrusive and insulting. I believe in a free press but also one that is responsible and we are very short of the latter ingredient in this country. It is despicable the personal insults that are levied at Players and Management who also read the papers. Until this policy ceases we will never succeed.

Looking forward to a better season at West Ham.

My next article will be just before the start of the new season.

David Wolff
JCMaccabi (Southern) Football League

Last updated: 11:14am, September 13 2010