Caro's column

Sport takes back-seat for now

By Danny Caro, August 8, 2014

Sport is the last thing on the minds of the majority of Israelis right now, but it’s a way of living for so many too.

These were meant to be exciting times for professional sportsmen and women around the country, but they have had the spotlight pulled from under their feet.


Let’s get together for good

By Danny Caro, August 4, 2014

A few years ago, I was part of the anti-merger brigade. But times have changed, haven’t they? Having played for several Jewish clubs, including my current one, London Maccabi Vale, I feel suitably qualified to comment.

I joined the Jewish cricket fold in the early noughties, when the Maccabi Sunday League was thriving.


Israel gets 10 out of 10 for trying

By Danny Caro, July 25, 2014

Although some will no doubt see Israel’s latest performance on the European stage as a failure, I believe qualification in itself was a major achievement.


Ben Haim's had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus, but so what?

By Danny Caro, July 18, 2014

I almost fell off my chair when I heard that Tal Ben Haim was returning to England in a playing capacity. No joke.

I thought he was past it, yesterday’s fish and chip paper, but then I checked his age. 32 – the perfect age for a defender. Just what Bob Pieters was looking for.


The hard work starts now, Noah

By Danny Caro, July 14, 2014

Ivan Lendl, Pat Cash, Stefan Edberg, Bjorn Borg, Roger Federer. I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s quite an illustrious list that Noah Rubin has joined. An A-list cast.

Indeed young Noah punched well above his weight at SW19, overcoming all the odds to win the big prize in the Junior competition. He was just ace.


Rob can strike it rich again

By Danny Caro, July 3, 2014

Norstar London Raiders have been one of the most progressive MGBSFL clubs in recent years and I think there is little danger of second season syndrome, even with a change of management.

Rob Richman faces an incredibly tough task as L'Orange look to improve on an unbelievable season – one in which they fell agonisingly short of their first major piece of silverware.

Pre-merger, Richman guid


No point playing the pain game

By Danny Caro, June 26, 2014

The beauty of Israeli sportsmen and women is that they always look on the bright side of life. They tell it how it is. After all, it's sport – not life or death.


He used every Last ounce of energy to help Hendon clean up

By Danny Caro, June 20, 2014

Of all the recent winners of the prestigious MGBSFL Player of the Year crown, I’d describe Ari Last as the most complete – the best all-rounder.

It’s hard to compare Last to the recent recipients - Dan Howard, Josh Lipman, Daran Bern and Louis Basger – three centre halves and a wing wizard. But the Hendon skipper simply has no weaknesses on the football pitch. Simple as that.


You wait four years, then this

By Danny Caro, June 13, 2014

Timing is everything in sport, so I'm sure you can imagine my pure state of elation when Mrs C informed me that potty training commenced for no. 3 this week.

While messus Hodgson and co have much more important things to worry about in Brazil, I've been a bag of nerves every time my youngest mentions the W-word or the P-word. Hardly the perfect preparation for the World Cup.


Time to shake all the winners by the hand

By Danny Caro, June 6, 2014

Traditionally, at this time of year, I'm inundated with requests to attend a variety of end-of-season award ceremonies. There are very few gaps in my diary over the next few weeks, but unfortunately I'm unable to accept each and every invitation.

I attended the JFS Sports Awards the other day and was blown away by the talent on show in what was a professional production.