Caro's column

As another side goes under, are our days numbered?

By Danny Caro, November 26, 2009

I don’t want to be branded a scaremonger but these are very worrying times for Jewish sport. First of all, a third MSFL side has bitten the dust. Following in the footsteps of South Manx B and North West Neasden C, AC Cricklewood are the first single-team club to fold this season. That leaves the MSFL down to 52 teams, 25 of which are made up of multi-team clubs.

League chairman David Wolff was left unimpressed. “It’s disappointing when teams have to pull out so early in the season,” he told me. “I found Cricklewood’s excuse for withdrawing poor.”


Try as he might, there’s just no pleasing some people

By Danny Caro, November 19, 2009

The ever-smiling Lord Triesman has become public enemy No. 1, or so it seems.

With a break in the busy Premiership programme, the heat has temporarily moved from the shoulders of Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez to the FA chief, and the man at the forefront of the troubled 2018 World Cup bid.

It looks as though it’s only a matter of time until national newspapers start cutting his head on a disheveled vegetable, Graham Taylor style.

To me, it seems that some people have a problem with Lord Triesman earning a reported £100,000 for 48 hours of work.


Not so many happy returns. Just some more nasty niggles

By Danny Caro, November 12, 2009

Birthday number 37 produced two unwanted gifts. Not your standard knitted jumper or pair of socks, something much worse. A first competitive defeat in management and a recurrence of Gilmore’s groin. I’m not sure which is more painful.

Redbridge Jewish Care, one of my former clubs, ended North London Raiders A’s unbeaten run at match six. We face them again in the cup on Sunday by which time I hope that my injury improves. That said, I’m finding it hard to play and manage but an injury to Stuart Simons has forced me to come out of semi-retirement one more time.


Boxing clever or punch drunk? Only time will tell ...

By Danny Caro, November 5, 2009

The next few weeks are massive for Jewish boxing fans with two fighters involved in high-profile bouts. It’s been a while since the community had something to shout about in terms of bragging rights in the ring but we must not forget that the sport has produced some top Jewish sporting talent.

The names of Benny Leonard, Barney Ross, Abe Attell, Ted ‘kid’ Lewis, Maxie Rosenbloom and Daniel Mendoza may be blasts from the past but the history books show that at one point, many of the top boxers in the world were Jewish.


Rep call-up separates the men from the boys

By Danny Caro, October 29, 2009

Rep team manager Jamie Cole let off some steam after he was forced to postpone the trials ahead of selecting the squad to compete in the London Inter-League Cup. The date at Rowley Lane had been pencilled in for several weeks but Cole, who also joint-manages North West Neasden A, was let down by late withdrawals from players who cried off through illness, simchas or holidays.


South Manchester new home can lead to big things

By Danny Caro, October 22, 2009

They say that all good things come to those who wait. Well, that was precisely the case for the folk of South Manchester Maccabi Sports Club who, after 13 years of trying, have finally secured their own £1 million sports and community centre.

The project, which will be named the Henry Guterman Community Sports Centre, was finally given the green light after grants totalling £770,000 were received from the Football Foundation and Sport England.


Players who’d rather watch than play are killing teams

By Danny Caro, October 15, 2009

While the future looks rosy for North West Neasden (see above), Mel Beresford, manager of the club’s C team, this week told me about his frustrations leading up to the decision to pull the side out of the league.

Hot on the heels of South Manx B disbanding, Neasden’s third string folded just two games into the campaign. The warning bells were ringing before the first match — a 10-0 humbling by FC Team A — but I was stunned by what Beresford told me.


Not quite a minyan, but Oldham are the real Jewish deal

By Danny Caro, October 8, 2009

Someone asked me the other day, ‘which is the best Jewish football club?’ Spurs, Arsenal, West Ham, Chelsea, Watford, Barnet, Wingate & Finchley or even London Maccabi Lions would be likely answers, but my choice would not be one of them.


Who will be waltzing their way to Vienna in 2011?

By Danny Caro, October 1, 2009

With no Maccabi football until October 18, now seems a good time to look ahead to the 2011 European Maccabi Games in Vienna. Darryl Lee recently told me about an exciting new blueprint for Jewish football, to build on the success of our players at the 18th Games. The bar has certainly been raised over the past two and a half years and it’s vital that the standards are maintained.


Premiership? These days, Tal looks more Fantasy League

By Danny Caro, September 24, 2009

What has happened to Tal Ben Haim? He looked more Maccabi League than Premier League on Rosh Hashanah, when Gabriel Agbonlahor outfoxed him to score the all-important second goal in Aston Villa’s win against Portsmouth.

It was all a far cry from the Ben Haim who made a name for himself when he arrived on British shores, playing for Sam Allardyce at Bolton Wanderers in the summer of 2004.