Caro's column

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Now I’m rocking!

By Danny Caro, March 19, 2009

I’ve never been one to do things by halves and when I put my mind to something, I give it 110 per cent focus and commitment. I recently decided to start a get fit (again) campaign and am well on the road to recovery.

In week nine of detox, I’ve lost just over two and a half stone since cutting out the comfort foods I’ve been consuming since depression set in over missing the cut for the Great Britain Maccabiah cricket team.


Don’t laugh but this could be the return of the Mac

By Danny Caro, March 12, 2009

With four months until the start of the 18th Maccabiah Games, I received an unexpected call. I’d previously been pinning my hopes on another late call-up into the Great Britain cricket team and had also tipped off Masters football manager Darryl Lee that, as I would probably be in Israel reporting, he could do worse than to register me as a player with selected keepers Danny Jacobs and Adam Solomons more injury-prone than me.


Last four tests loom as Neasden go into unknown territory

By Danny Caro, March 5, 2009

Sunday will be a huge day for everyone connected to North West Neasden. The quadruple-chasing A team will look to get back to winning ways when they host Baldon Sports in the semi-finals of the London FA Sunday Challenge Cup at Bricket Wood.


Our boys were taught as lesson. Now there’s no room for error

By Danny Caro, February 26, 2009

I was shocked to see the gulf in class between the Maccabi League rep team and Turkish League this week. Having beaten the same opponents last season and won the competition the previous year, our boys looked technically inferior, slower and less hungry than opponents who at times they made look like Brazil.

I was expecting big things from the team this season but the Turks were a class apart. Some of their players had played two games the previous day but it appears that they were fed raw meat before the game as the MSFL team was left chasing shadows until the game was our of reach.


Lessons must be learned from Peer’s Dubai debacle

By Danny Caro, February 18, 2009

The Shahar Peer episode is a very sad state of affairs and I believe that organisers of the Dubai Tennis Championships should hang their heads in shame. Without wanting to go over the top, it’s not too dissimilar to the Nazi regime preventing a Jew from taking part because of their religion.

The event is meant to be one of the most prestigious on the circuit for the top players. Either it is or it isn’t and it is clearly not. It shouldn’t be able to pick and choose who can and cannot play.


What next for Avram as it appears that nobody wants him

By Danny Caro, February 12, 2009

It’s amazing what a bit of player power can do, isn’t it? It appears that this is what stopped Avram Grant taking charge of Chelsea and presumably Portsmouth with Guus Hiddink and former England boss Sven Goran Eriksson the preferred choice of the senior players. I’m sure that Bill Shankly and Brian Clough will be turning in their graves.

I’m glad Grant did not go back to Chelsea, in any capacity. There is an old adage that suggests you should never go back, that returning to an old haunt is never a sustainable notion.


Yossi attack was the lowest of the low

By Danny Caro, February 5, 2009

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person to vent my anger when Chelsea defender Jose Bosingwa put the boot into Yossi Benayoun at Anfield on Sunday. I even leapt off my chair when the Brazilian’s thuggish act marred the closing stages of a hard-fought Liverpool win.


Juniors given lifeline but it’s the end of the road for Brady

By Danny Caro, January 29, 2009

There was good news and bad news in the world of Jewish sport this week. The good news is that the future of junior football has been secured by the Maccabi (Southern) Primary Football League after coming up with a rescue package to take in teams from the AJY next season.

The fact that it has taken just a week to put plans into place does not surprise me as I know that there are many key players around who realise the importance of the issue.


Pulling out the stops to ensure I don’t miss game of my life

By Danny Caro, January 22, 2009

Just days before the biggest game of my life, I received the news that confirms my worst fears. I have osteoarthritis in several parts of my body. I’ve been waking up in pain for the last few months and received the dreaded prognosis that explains so many things, including the fact that I am not a hypochondriac. And even though depression is one of the possible complications, I promise to keep my head up and deal with the ailment to the best of my ability.


If ever there was one chance to rally the troops it was on Sunday

By Danny Caro, January 14, 2009

Bill Shankly once said that football was more important s than life and death. Although the Liverpool legend’s quote is regularly taken out of context, it reared it’s head last weekend when the pro-Israel rally clashed with Maccabi League football programme.

There were two sides to the argument. Supporters of Israel believe the organisation was wrong not to call a blanket postponement as it’s in the MSFL’s mission statement to “support strengthening the Jewish Continuity by promoting football and emphasising the importance of the centrality of Israel”.