Why I’m just glad to see the back of Beijing

By Danny Caro, August 28, 2008

I have a question for you. How many people had heard of star sailing before Great Britain won gold at the Olympics last week? Not many I'm sure.

Apart from on a professional level, I did my best not to get caught up in the hype of the Games. Over the past three weeks, I spent most mornings watching around 90 minutes coverage at the gym. One of my personal highlights was Sharron Davies' mini-shorts while it was enjoyable trying to keep pace with the cyclists whilst on a stationary bike in Stanmore.

I hate people jumping on the bandwagon and have done my utmost to stay off it. Obviously, I will need to get clued up with regards to the 2012 event in London but believe that some sports should be replaced.
Twenty20 cricket must get the nod ahead of baseball though applying the one-hand, one-bounce rule might be pushing it.

Archery and shooting are two other disciplines that do little for me. When Wimbledon is on, it's amazing how many people start playing tennis. It's the same with the World Cup. But given the crime scene in our capital, I'm sure that everyone at Scotland Yard would join me in hoping that easily influenced children don't go around with sharp objects and guns. Oh, hold on a minute, that's already happening, isn't it?

Scott Levy's wedding almost ran into the Team GB Olympic home-coming party at the Runnymede Hotel in Egham. Mazal tov also to Montana Boca United A boss Marc Ziedman who tied the knot last Sunday.

On the pitch, Montana hammered Watford Olympia League side Headstone FC 5-0 courtesy of strikes from Andrew Binstock, Zak McLeod, Robin Grainger, Zaki Kramer and Gary Cohen.

Joint-manager Elan Ovits commented: "The lads put in a fantastic performance, solid defensively, great link up play and were clinical in front of goal against strong physical opposition. However, we know that we still have more in the tank and will need to be at our very best against a strong Lions B team on September 7."

Southgate Harmen overcame Brixton Old Boys 5-1. Alex Bourne (2), Lloyd Becker, Paul Stein and Ben Nassim were their marksmen.

Team JLGB won the JLGB Challenge Cup after whipping Sporting JLGB 7-1 in a performance that featured hat-tricks from Neil Lux and Steven Weller.

Adam Lenz hit five as Montana Boca United B beat Hendon United 5-3.

Zig Zag came from two down to beat Real Life 4-3. Nick Roman (2) and Byron Watkins were among their scorers.

London Maccabi Vale 1st and Belmont & Edgware 1st finish their Middlesex Sunday League programmes this weekend. LMV, for whom Jerome Colmans and Martin Schultz are unavailable, host basement battlers Bharat Olympians in a match where victory could clinch the title. BECC take on fellow strugglers West Harrow.

I've heard of some amusing freak sporting injuries over the years. Former Wimbledon keeper Dave Beasant breaking his foot after dropping a jar of mayonnaise; another player falling off a ladder and an England footballer injuring himself playing tennis before a big match.

But the tale of AC Cricklewood striker Richard Davis, whom I played alongside at Brixton Old Boys B two seasons ago, was arguably the strangest yet. I bumped into him on the tube the other day and he was wielding a crutch. "Pre-season friendly," I asked him. "No," he replied. "I tore my cartilage putting on a sock." I've heard everything now.

Rowley Lane is in contention to win holiest ground of the year after word reached me that the Arkley venue has been invaded by rabbits. However, rumours that London Lions will, as a result, sign Warren Feeney or David Burrows appear wide of the mark.


Last updated: 6:39pm, September 9 2008