These athletes don’t want sympathy. They just want a chance

By Danny Caro, August 23, 2012

Granted, not everyone is gripped by Paralympics fever, but give it a few days and I’m sure we’ll all be singing from the same hymn sheet. Give it a chance. That’s all I’m saying, after one member of my social circle described the Games as “cruel”.

After all, it’s worth remembering that in many cases, these athletes have been given a second chance in life, a chance many of their friends and families believed they would never get.

Ticket sales for the event are booming and I’m sure the sceptics will be blown away by the quality on show. The competitors aren’t looking for the sympathy vote. Just look at Oscar Pistorius. His attitude is impossible is nothing. I’m looking forward to meeting the real heroes hoping to make amends for Israel’s failure at the Olympics.

On that note, I was shocked to hear the terrible news about windsurfer Lee Korzits. No wonder she didn’t give me a straight answer when I asked about her future plans.

As I mentioned in my Olympics coverage a couple of weeks ago, she stayed in the water long after her medal race had finished. Clearly, she had more to reflect on than people thought and I wish her all the best with her treatment.

* With the end of the transfer window fast-approaching, many fans are wondering what the future holds for Israel captain Yossi Benayoun and Nir Biton. As a Liverpool fan, I’d love to see Yossi return to Anfield. I believe he’s well-suited to Brendan Rogers’ tiki-taka style. Since becoming a father for the fourth time, Yossi has been locked in talks with several clubs and he should have a new home this time next week.

The Biton situation is slightly more complex. He’s been linked with Spurs and Premiership champions Manchester City but will struggle to seal a dream move to the Premiership due to work permit problems given his lack of games for Israel.

Back to the window. I’ve already given my wife the night off as I’ll be locked in to what has become must-watch television.

Last updated: 3:43pm, August 23 2012