A postcard for Roman is better than a taxi for Roman

By Danny Caro, November 29, 2010

There has been talk of a crisis at Chelsea this week following three defeats out of four in the Premiership for Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

The pressure was lifted, a little, after Tuesday’s Champions League victory. Sandwiched in the middle was the controversial departure of assistant-manager Ray Wilkins.

Despite being one of the most influential people in football, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is impossible to get hold of. Perhaps this postcard will receive a response.

Dear Mr Abramovich, You don’t talk, you don’t call, so don’t be surprised if people describe you as misunderstood.

Don’t worry, as a Liverpool fan, I don’t have a problem if you wish to make the Premiership race more open and exciting. Some of your decisions continue to leave the football fraternity and Chelsea fans scratching their heads.

First, the decision to remove the Special One in favour of the Kosher One, and then Butch Wilkins is given the boot in favour of someone who plied their trade in Ligat Ha’al.

If you believe what you read, the tide is turning so don’t be surprised if we start seeing “Abramovich out” banners at the Bridge before too long.

If ever you want to talk, you know where I am. Don’t be a stranger.

- Quote of the week goes to Phil Peters, manager of Norstar A. Having led Team GB to gold at last summer’s European Maccabi Football Trophy in Spain, it’s clear that he has learnt a trick or two along the way. He dropped star striker Eli Houri to the bench following a string of mediocre performances. With the Stars trailing, an angry Houri came off the bench with a point to prove. He changed the game and fired a decisive hat-trick.

Peters said: “It’s not often in Sunday league football that you get the opportunity to do some real man-management but this just goes to show that us managers have got a fair bit to offer. Eli’s been blighted by injury for most of 2010 and has had a tough time finding his form, but today we wound him up a bit and got the result we wanted.”

Having initially been critical of the decision, Houri reneged, saying: “Phil got it absolutely spot on as I’ve been feeling off the pace for a while.”

- I was reminiscing with Michael Spector, the former Hillgar Athletic manager, earlier this week. Spector led the team to MSFL title success in season 1996/97 and the the Cyril Anekstein Cup the following year. His team included some people who have gone on to bigger and better things in recent times. His strikeforce included Jonathan Kestenbaum, who recently received a peerage, supersub Tony Bloom, the owner of Brighton, and his brother, Darren Bloom, who is also involved with the club. Midfielder Simon Corney is the chairman of Oldham. Spector said: “The championship-winning Hillgar side of 96, clearly, was constructed from players with the highest sporting ethics …”

- It’s all change on the Northern Jewish Cricket League executive committee. Jonny Weinberg is the new treasurer, Robert Marks replaces Daniel Goldbrough as fixtures secretary, and Robert Marks joins as statistician.

- London Maccabi Vale have named its Colts Management team for 2011. Mark Landau will lead the Under 17. Sue and Robert Nyman (Under 15), Jack Gould (Under 13) and Tony Wise (Under 11) complete the line-up.

The Maccabi Cricket AGM is on December 2. For details, contact Harvey Samuels at harveysamuels@onetel.com.

Last updated: 4:43pm, November 29 2010