The life and times of the MSFL. You just couldn't make it up

By Danny Caro, November 11, 2010

I could write a book about the goings-on in the MSFL and perhaps one day I will. There are some great tales and characters to have come out of the world's biggest Jewish league, although I'm sure that some people wouldn't want them revealed, particularly not here.

Only last week, Sammy Carr, the North West Neasden chairman and B team manager, threatened to resign after his team were thrown out of the Cyril Anekstein Cup over unpaid fines.

The problem occurred as letters were sent and calls made to Carr's home. Only problem was that Sammy was in the middle of moving house and never received his post. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and the team was reinstated. They went on to beat Temple Fortune and I'm glad to report that Sammy is back in the fold. The situation could have been easily avoided and the morale of the story is, it's good to talk. If there is a problem then there must be better forms of communication. I know that rules are rules but as one manager told me: "Should we really be discouraging 22 boys from playing a game of football?"

● Hot on the heels of last week's column about referees, Tony Pulis, the Stoke City manager, has advocated the introduction of a relegation system for under-performing referees. I've been speaking to a few Maccabi League managers this week, asking their thoughts on an elite panel of officials for the Premier Division. Most think it's a great idea although Martin Fox, the referees secretary, believes it's a non-starter. He's keen to keep rewarding the people who consistently receive high marks lower down the ladder, and is happy to let them test themselves in the top divisions.

Nicky Bloom is my Referee of the Week after receiving top marks from Real Life and Faithfold. It's not easy obtaining 100 per cent from both sides, so well done Nicky. Gary Silver and Warwick Blake also obtained top marks.

● As mentioned a few weeks ago, the drainage problems at Barnet's training ground, The Hive, have escalated. As a result, they have shut the facility to outside bookings in a bid to sort out "minor drainage issues" that have failed to recover from heavy rain. The two-week closure has forced several MSFL and Maccabi Masters teams to temporarily move elsewhere.

● It's been a big few days for JSoc football. Earlier this week, Birmingham beat Nottingham 10-5 in the first official national JSoc 11-a-side match. Birmingham skipper Matt Keston said: "It was a dream start for us considering we were 11 men thrown together with only one training session under our belt."

On Sunday's it's the turn of the five-a-side players in the Juefa Cup in Nottingham. The winners will get to see Real Madrid play at the Bernabeu.

● Team GB's European Maccabi Games preparations have been dealt a blow after Rob Richman and Greg Bookman stepped down from their positions in the junior football section.

● Dekel Keinan collected the Dunce's award at a Blackpool team-bonding exercise – a snooker tournament. Manager Ian Holloway said: "I don't think they have full-size tables where he is from."

● Andrew Souber, manager of JC MSFL Division Two title hopefuls Temple Fortune A, joined the team's 100-club after coming off the bench against L'Equipe.

Last updated: 5:09pm, November 11 2010