Why World Cup agony should come as no surprise

By Danny Caro, July 1, 2010

We've had a sorry from the captain, a sorry from the manager and even a sorry from the FIFA President, but no number of apologies could put the smile back on the faces of the Caro boys after England's World Cup exit.

Disappointment more than surprise was my initial reaction, although my four-year-old son still cannot understand how Frank Lampard's 'ghost goal' was not awarded. In fact he's so adamant about the fact that he won't let me change the two to a one on his World Cup wall chart.

The signs were ominous because earlier at the weekend, when he was at the Excel football camp, he could not help England avoid a 5-4 defeat against Germany, although the fathers of the winning team were somewhat reserved in their applause for the victors.

The post-mortems are well and truly under way as to why the team performed so badly across four games. It's hard to fathom exactly how things went so wrong after we qualified in such style. The manager and the players deserve much of the blame but I feel that the problem is much more deep-rooted than that. Personally, I blame the system as we're simply not producing enough decent footballers who are able to compete at the highest level.

The money-hungry vultures at the Premier League only seem interested in getting the strongest possible brand out there. It's a common belief at the Premier League is the best in the world. So what? We English fans want the best players in the world.

Lampard's 'goal' was also the last straw in the debate over the use of goalline technology which has been something of a no-brainer for far too long. Hopefully, Sepp Blatter will take the hint now. Had it been a Switzerland goal that we were debating, the chances are it would be in the rulebook by now.

● The JC MSFL page on the JC.com is the place to go to find out about summer transfers and trials. Southgate Harmen B have unveiled Mark Engel as its new manager. He takes over from Daniel Sasto, who although will continue to be involved in the set up, has stepped down due to work and personal commitments.

Engel said: "Dan has moved the team forward significantly over the past 12 months. Taking over will be a big challenge. However, I will continue to build on the foundations already laid and develop into a confident and exciting team. We have the foundations of a fantastic side and next season players and I will be looking to achieve promotion whilst making it the most enjoyable season yet. After all, there's no point getting out of bed on Sunday if you are not going to enjoy it."

Vivian Emanuel is the new manager at Pinner JFC, replacing Alan Kleinman. Emanuel said: "We have had an influx of new players so really hope to push ourselves up the table."

Brixton Old Boys fans will be relieved to hear that Robert Silverman has not left to join Team JLGB. I was under the impression that there was only one Robert Silverman in the MSFL but it appears not. Coming up to his 40th year at the club he has represented as a player, manager and now chairman, Silverman commented: "I will definitely not be moving to another club."

● The JC MJSL holds it AGM at Bury Synagogue next Thursday.

Last updated: 3:08pm, July 1 2010