Rob can strike it rich again

By Danny Caro, July 3, 2014

Norstar London Raiders have been one of the most progressive MGBSFL clubs in recent years and I think there is little danger of second season syndrome, even with a change of management.

Rob Richman faces an incredibly tough task as L'Orange look to improve on an unbelievable season – one in which they fell agonisingly short of their first major piece of silverware.

Pre-merger, Richman guided the club's B-team into the Premier Division. The challenge that now awaits him is one he will relish and I look forward to seeing the calibre of player he will attempt to bring in that can help take the club to the next level.

No doubt Hendon, Oakwood, Redbridge and Faithfold will strengthen. Drastic changes are not needed at Brunel. Just a little tinkering. The spine of the team is outstanding, but I think they would benefit from a no-nonsense ball-winner in the middle of the park.

● The title of top table tennis player in the community will be up for grabs on July 20. Several members of the Team Maccabi GB 2013 Maccabiah squad are expected to be in action at the Maccabi GB championships.

The tournament, to be held at the London Academy in Edgware, includes Singles and Doubles - both sections are from U12 to Over 60's, with an extra mixed competition in the latter. Registration closes on July 11 so those looking to compete must sign via

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