Lions let off the hook again

By Danny Caro, April 12, 2013

Consistency. That’s all the players and managers from the Maccabi League ask for. Consistency from the referees for 90 minutes on a Sunday morning and consistency from league officials when it comes to key decisions at management committee level.

Some of the players and managers I’ve spoken to this week feel badly let down. Let down by the fact Lions are still in the competition after one of the players who helped them into the final of a major competition had his registration cancelled.

The decision to punish the player rather than the team has raised, shall we say, one or two eyebrows. Some would say it smacks of double standards when you look at what happened to Redbridge Jewish Care last season.

It's has certainly left some of the good folk associated with the league disillusioned to say the least. And should Lions win the cup, many people would call it a hollow victory.

* But nothing should deflect from the heroics of Faithfold A. Few could argue they were worthy winners of the London FA Sunday Intermediate Cup in a first for Jewish football.

Victory brought tears to the eyes of Zuriel Solomon, the Faithfold manager, and the players enjoyed a few l’chaims in the bar after the match. Solomon, Daryl Phillips and Alex Levack have helped overhaul the club in recent times and a second coming is on the cards.

Jewish football is all the better with a strong Faithfold in it and the message is clear – Hendon, Redbridge and Lions watch out.

* Brady Maccabi’s demolition of Redbridge was most impressive. Granted Redbridge had some key players missing, but as the old adage goes, you can only beat what’s in front of you. In the photos of the match the marking of Josh Gordon at set-pieces is non-existent. No doubt the east Londoners will be keen to put on a better showing in the cup final against Lions later this month.

* And these are also exciting times for everyone at South Manchester Sports Club. They dispatched Camden Park with ease and will relish the prospect of taking on the big guns of Brady in the final. Loz Newman has carried on the good work since taking over from Darryl Lee, while club chairman Jonny Davis is making room for more silverware in the trophy cabinet.

* The officials for next weekend’s JC Cyril Anekstein Cup final have been confirmed. Tony McEvoy will referee the tie between Lions and Redbridge, while Steve Russell and Brandon Pieters will assist him. Warwick Blake will be the fourth official at Wingate.

Last updated: 10:05am, April 12 2013