Northern team of the week: May 13

By James Masters, May 14, 2012

Here is the Northern Team of the Week for May 13.

1. Josh Samberg (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
2. Ben Kay (Broughton)
3. Alex Lee (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
4. Adam Jackson (South Manchester SC 2nd)
5. Ashley Loofe (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
6. Toby Levy (South Manchester SC 2nd)
7. Louis Basso (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
8. Josh Klepper (South Manchester SC 2nd)
9. David Herman (Hyde Park Rovers)
10. Jake Kelly (Manchester Maccabi 1st) STAR MAN
11. Moshe Hasid (Sporting)

Manager of the Week: Sydney Fulda (Broughton)
Goal of the Week: Louis Basso (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Save of the Week: Josh Samberg (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Referee of the Week: Adam Cohen (South 2nd vs Oakhill)

Last updated: 2:37pm, May 14 2012