Daniel Taub salutes Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies at gala dinner

By Simon Rocker, May 18, 2012

Israel Ambassador Daniel Taub saluted the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies at a gala dinner to celebrate its 40th anniversary. And Mr Taub can claim first-hand knowledge of its benefits — he once was a student there.

While an undergraduate at Oxford, he took a course in Yiddish at the centre with legendary teacher, Dovid Katz.


Oxford's new Boat Race cox, Zoe

By Marcus Dysch, March 22, 2012

She may be small in stature, but Zoe de Toledo is about to record a giant achievement.


Oxford sets up degree course for leadership

By Simon Rocker, January 19, 2012

The Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies is planning to set up the first degree-level course in Britain for Jewish leadership.

Its proposed two-year programme would involve a one-year master's in Jewish studies at Oxford University, followed by leadership studies at the university's Said business school.

Centre president David Ariel said the Global Jewish Leadership Scholars Programme


Work of Louis Jacobs is to be Oxford subject

By Simon Rocker, January 12, 2012

Scholars from around the world are to be invited to Oxford next year to study the work of Britain's most renowned rabbinical scholar, Rabbi Louis Jacobs.

The Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies will devote one of its two special research projects to the legacy of the New London Synagogue founder.

The centre has already raised one-third of the £150,000 cost of hosting nine-to-10 scho


Shul Crawl: The Oxford Jewish Congregation

By Danny Kessler and Joshua Felberg, December 19, 2011

The Oxford Jewish Congregation is a unique synagogue, and one which other English synagogues can learn from. For a start, it hosts a mix of religious denominations – we were there for an Orthodox Shabbat service, but Masorti and Liberal groups also meet under the same roof.


Israel envoy Taub goes back to university

By Marcus Dysch, December 5, 2011

Daniel Taub, Israeli Ambassador to Britain, has made his first campus visit since being appointed.


Chabad hosts Mayor

By Marcus Dysch, November 10, 2011

Oxford Chabad hosted a Shabbat dinner in honour of the city's first Jewish Lord Mayor for almost 900 years.

Councillor Elise Benjamin was joined by other civic dignitaries and around 80 students and university staff members at the Slager Chabad Jewish Centre.

Cllr Benjamin spoke of her pride at the Jewish community's connections to the city, which stretch back to medieval times.


Oxford Conservative students sang 'Nazi songs'

By Jennifer Lipman, November 7, 2011

Four Oxford University students have said they are to resign from the university's Conservative association after accusing other members of antisemitic behaviour.

According to those who are leaving, members sang a Nazi-themed song about "dashing through the Reich" and "killing lots of kike".


Curator named for Oxford Hebrew Centre

By Jennifer Lipman, July 6, 2011

The Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies has announced the successor to its longtime curator Dr Piet van Boxel.

Dr Cesar Merchan Hamann will take over from Dr van Boxel in September as curator of the Bodleian Library's Hebrew and Judaica collections.


Oxford mayor: a first for the mazel tov cards

By Jennifer Lipman, June 30, 2011

Oxford has elected what is thought to be its first Jewish Lord Mayor.

Councillor Elise Benjamin, 45, is not only believed to be the first member of the Jewish community in modern history to serve as the city's civic head, she is also the first Green Party representative and the youngest to hold the post yet.

Ms Benjamin, who was first elected as a councillor in 1999, said she was delighted t