Manchester Rabbi quits

August 1, 2008

Rabbi Yehoshua Landes will leave Manchester's Prestwich Hebrew Congregation shortly after Pesach 2009, by which time he will have completed 10 years of service to the community.

A brief statement this week gave no indication of the minister's future plans and neither the shul nor Rabbi Landes were prepared to go beyond it.


Wizo presidential visit

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 25, 2008

World Wizo president Helena Glaser gave the keynote address to Wizo UK's 90th anniversary Rebecca Sieff awards lunch at South Manchester Synagogue.

Three-hundred members from throughout the country heard Mrs Glaser explain how ongoing welfare issues, such as helping Sderot residents, highlighted the continuing need for Wizo's work.

She told the JC afterwards that "90 years of an organisation is not something light. It's ladies doing amazing things in a commitment to the ladies of Israel, whilst changing with the times."


JCC telethon raises over £20,000

July 25, 2008

Manchester Jewish Community Care raised more than £20,000 in its annual telethon, hosted in the offices of Deloitte in Manchester city centre. Around 60 volunteers made 2,000 calls to raise the cash, which will fund much-needed equipment for the Nicky Alliance Day Centre. Shelley Blackston, MJCC fundraising executive, said: "It's a good year and we're hoping to top £30,000 in our follow-up mini-telethon."


200+ attended cross-communal event for the Fast of Tammuz

July 25, 2008

More than 200 people attended a cross-communal event on Sunday for the Fast of Tammuz. Titled With One Heart and designed to promote unity among North Manchester's Orthodox synagogues, it was held at Manchester Great and New Synagogue and was backed by the Manchester Council of Synagogues and the Manchester Beth Din.


100 people attend backgammon tournament at Sephardi Congregation

July 22, 2008

More than 100 people attended a backgammon tournament at the Sephardi Congregation of South Manchester. The winner of the tournament was Esther Frais, who was presented with the Felix Shalom memorial cup by Anita Shalom. The event raised more than £2,000 for shul funds.


200 guests for Langdon College's annual day

July 22, 2008

Langdon College, the Manchester unit for young adults with learning difficulties, held its annual day on Sunday. Its 70 students showcased drama and arts for the 200 guests. The Mayor of Salford, Cllr Margaret Morris, presented the student-of-the-year award to Shaine-Elke Meyer, 20. Jodi Learner, 19, who completed a drama course at Bury College, sung a solo. At the event Simon Olswang announced that he was standing down as governors' chair after 15 years and handing over to vice-chair Joy Wolfe.


Another Orthodox plan looks safe as houses

By Dana Gloger, July 18, 2008

Manchester's Charedi community could soon be given some relief from its housing crisis.

The Agudas Israel Housing Association (AIHA) has put in a bid to buy 17 luxury houses, all of five, six or seven bedrooms, in the Broughton Green development in Higher Broughton, Salford.

Larger houses are in high demand by the strictly Orthodox community, who usually have large families, sometimes with as many as 15 children. But they are in short supply  in Manchester as well as in London, along with other parts of the UK.


KD girls’ change of top

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 18, 2008

Manchester’s King David High is to change its girls’ summer uniform because pupils say the blouse can be see-though. A navy-striped shirt will replace the current white summer top next year.

Girls have been wearing the school jumper over the KD blouse.

Fifteen-year-old Sigalle Khan was impressed by the intended replacement. “It means you can take your jumper off in the summer when it gets too hot. I think everyone will get used to it.”


Council pledge on CCTV

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 11, 2008

CCTV cameras are finally being earmarked for Manchester’s Charedi Broughton Park neighbourhood after a 10-year campaign by the Jewish community.

In the wake of a spate of recent incidents, local councillors this week agreed to find funding for CCTV following meetings with Salford’s Chief Superintendent Kevin Mulligan.


New Sure Start children's centre opens next to Sedgley Park Primary

July 11, 2008

A new Sure Start children's centre was opened next to Sedgley Park Primary in Prestwich this week. Representatives from Interlink, Yesoidey Hatorah Primary and Pact were involved in planning the centre. Twenty Orthodox mothers have already attended a liaison meeting with centre co-ordinator Victoria Watson. Facilities at the Bishops Road site are to include a kitchen with a separate, secure cupboard to store kosher food.