Navy man gets proper burial after ID appeal

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 14, 2014

A Salford man who died alone has been given a Jewish burial after staff at Manchester's Nicky Alliance Day Care Centre identified him as a regular attendee.

Wallace Cohen, 70, lived mostly estranged from the Jewish community in Lower Broughton. After falling ill last week, he called for an ambulance and was taken to Royal Salford Hospital, where he died.


'Heartless' councils deny funding for children

By Rosa Doherty, July 11, 2014

A special education consultant has hit out at local authorities for having "no heart" in denying Jewish families the right to send their disabled children to a residential Jewish school in Manchester.

Rabbi Michael Bernstein, who runs EMBEE, a consultancy service for parents with disabled children, said that while his family had received funding, others had not been so lucky.


Davis: Other clubs should follow our lead

By Danny Caro, July 10, 2014

Jonny Davis described South Manchester Sports Club's 65th anniversary celebrations as "sensational".

Players past and present converged on the Urbis National Football Museum for a gala event that culminated in the club's end-of-season awards.

"The event was befitting of our club and it was the best we've put on," said Davis.

"Winning is not the most important factor at this club and this


Manchester charity probed over losses

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 3, 2014

The Charity Commission is investigating a Jewish charity over the loss of investment funds.

The Park Charitable Trust in Manchester was set up to advance Jewish education and provide support for people with cancer and heart conditions.


Kosher mozzarella! Blessed are these cheesemakers

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 3, 2014

The world's first Italian-made kosher mozzarella is on sale in Britain thanks to an Italian family who opened their doors to the Manchester Beth Din.

Traditional mozzarella is made with buffalo milk from non-kosher dairies and soaked in heated brine baths, making it impossible to remove non-kosher ingredients.


Manchester grave attack: it gets worse

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 3, 2014

Vandals who went on a wrecking spree while police were sent to the wrong cemetery were free to causechaos for another reason, it has emerged.

Twelve months ago, burial authorities sacked the man who had looked after the grounds in Manchester's Blackley area for 14 years.


Four arrested over Manchester burglaries that targeted Jewish families

By Marcus Dysch, July 3, 2014

Three men and a teenager have been arrested on suspicion of a series of violent burglaries which targeted Jewish families.

The four were detained as part of Greater Manchester Police’s Operation Resemble following burglaries in north Manchester and Salford.


Desecration of graves in Manchester

By Jonathan Kalmus, June 26, 2014

A double attack on a Jewish cemetery in Manchester has been condemned by police as "sickening" and "the work of cruel racists".

North Manchester's Blackley cemetery was targeted twice in two weeks, causing an estimated £100,000 worth of damage to dozens of graves, including seven belonging to one family.


Mr Loophole defends rabbi death claim

By Jonathan Kalmus, June 12, 2014

Jewish celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman this week stood by his controversial attempt to shift part of the blame for the death of rabbi struck by a speeding car on to the victim himself.

Rabbi Hyman Steinberg, 82, was struck as he walked to synagogue in Salford at night in December 2012.

Mr Freeman's firm represented driver Simon Martins, from Whitefield, at Manchester Crown Court last week.


Armed raiders threaten couple in 4am attack

By Jonathan Kalmus, June 12, 2014

Violent intruders terrorised a Jewish couple during a burglary over the Shavout festival.

The north Manchester couple in their 60s had hammers held over their heads by two men who broke into their Salford home around 4am last Wednesday morning.

The 67-year-old wife was told she would be harmed if she did not hand over jewellery and credit cards.