Stamford Hill

The Chasidic blogger who doesn't believe in God

By Simon Rocker, March 4, 2010

He looks just a regular Chasid among the strictly Orthodox legions of north London's Stamford Hill: his kippah is black velvet, he wears peyot and he is the product of Yiddish-speaking school and yeshivah.

But Pen Tivokeish - to give him his pen-name - harbours a secret. He is part of a religious underworld, the author of a blog where he records his true feelings as a Charedi man who does not believe in God.


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Charedi father told to demolish family home

By Marcus Dysch, February 25, 2010

A Charedi father must demolish his family home after losing a planning dispute with a council.

Jacob Dreyfuss, president of Stamford Hill's Stolin-Karlin synagogue, rebuilt his two-storey home without planning permission, to add a cellar and a loft extension.

Hackney Council issued an enforcement notice and he appealed against it without success.

The government's Planning Inspectorate has now given him a year to "remove the unauthorised house".


Rabbi regrets praise for child abuser

By Simon Rocker, February 25, 2010

A senior member of London's strictly Orthodox rabbinate says he was unaware that an American rabbi he publicly praised was a convicted child abuser.

Rabbi Ze'ev Feldman, of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, wrote a letter endorsing a fundraising event in Stamford Hill this week to help pay for the weddings of four children of Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Weingarten.

Rabbi Weingarten, a member of the Satmar sect, was last year jailed for 30 years by a New York court for abusing one of his daughters.


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