Sisters cut it fine

By Jessica Elgot, April 16, 2009

Three Hendon sisters have made the ultimate cuts for Pesach, having had hair grown over three years lopped off to be used for wigs for children with cancer.

The Blank girls — Yael, 15, Michal, 13 and Rachel, 11 — also raised almost £1,000 in sponsorship for Israeli cancer charity Zichron Menachem by performing a play about their project.


Faith in a recession

By James Martin, March 5, 2009

Businessman and philanthropist Jonathan Faith was among those advising on how to survive the credit crunch at an open meeting organised by North Hendon Adath Yisroel Synagogue on Sunday.

Mr Faith suggested that employees did all in their power to make themselves indispensable to their bosses.


Fruitful aid at Tu Bishvat

By Jay Grenby, February 12, 2009

Around 1,500 children from London Jewish primary and secondary schools, nurseries and chedarim joined Gift’s Tu Bishvat initiative to help families in need.

The Hendon-based social action charity asked each pupil to bring fruit to school to be put into baskets by their class.

Volunteers delivered over 100 baskets to clients in time for the festival. Beis Yaakov, Hasmonean, Hertsmere and Yavneh College were among the schools involved.

“This initiative is exactly what Gift is all about,” said the charity’s director Michelle Barnett.


Shul hardship fund

December 23, 2008

Aware that 2009 could be a difficult year for some of its congregants, Hendon Reform Synagogue is setting up a fund to assist those suffering financial hardship.

Its aim is to provide financial aid, support and advice until social services or a Jewish charity can take up the reins.

Hendon Reform will be celebrating its 60th anniversary and it has been agreed that profits from a commemorative brochure will go into the fund.


Swastika sickens kosher cafe boss

By Cathy Forman, November 20, 2008

A swastika and antisemitic slogans were scratched on the wall of a kosher cafe in Hendon Park on Monday night.

Hendon Park Cafe owner Jason Ezekiel was informed of the graffiti by a park keeper. "He had already painted over some of it as he didn't want to upset Jewish people. I am very distraught by the whole thing."

Mr Ezekiel believed the perpetrator used a key. "It must have taken at least 20 minutes to do."


Historian and educator Rabbi Berel Wein addresses packed house at Hendon Synagogue

November 13, 2008

Historian and educator Rabbi Berel Wein addressed a packed house at Hendon Synagogue on Saturday night on "The world economic crisis: Are we reliving the problems of 2,000 years ago?" Rabbi Wein highlighted the resilence of Jews to disasters of all types, the Holocaust included. He also discussed his new book, The Oral Law at Sinai.


Middlesex University's new lecture hall named in honour of Professor Edgar Neufeld

October 23, 2008

Middlesex University's largest lecture hall in its new Hatchcroft building has been named in honour of ex-Middlesex governors' chair Professor Edgar Neufeld. The Vienna-born professor's family fled the Nazis and he was educated in Manchester. His first job was as a research physicist at Jodrell Bank and he went on to become a group director for IBM. Vice-chancellor Professor Michael Driscoll paid tribute to Professor Neufeld's "hard work, wisdom, courtesy and care".


New checks pledged by Kosher food firm after schnitzel poisoning

By Dana Gloger, September 19, 2008

Europe's largest kosher-food manufacturer this week admitted that a chicken schnitzel which made a meals-on-wheels customer ill had been undercooked.

Hermolis said it had now put in place new procedures after Simone Simmons, 52, from Hendon, North-West London, was supplied the schnitzel which she said had made her sick.

Michael Lisser, managing director of the Wembley-based firm, said: "We used to probe [temperature check] one in every three to five schnitzels after cooking a batch to make sure they were hot enough and thoroughly cooked.


Additional Rabbi at Hendon synagogue

September 19, 2008
Hendon synagogue has appointed an additional rabbi to assist senior minister Rabbi Mordecai Ginsbury in the "ongoing revitalisation and development of the community". The new man is Rabbi Leo Dee, who recently returned to England after four years of study in Efrat, where he received semichah. The London-born rabbi gained a first-class degree in chemical engineering at Cambridge and worked for 10 years in the City. The appointment has been part-funded by Tribe, the United Synagogue youth wing, because of Rabbi Dee's focus on younger sections of the community.


Kosher sushi evening raises over £500 for Israeli hospital

August 1, 2008
A kosher sushi cookery evening organised by Laniado UK raised over £500 for the Israeli hospital's Emergency Centre Campaign. Laniado supporters watched and took copious notes as Johannesburg-based cookery teacher Isabel Romberg explained the finer points of sushi preparation. Laniado UK campaigns director Gaby Blauer says similar events are being planned for the future.