New head for Scotland's only Jewish school

By Stephanie Brickman, February 25, 2010

Scotland's only Jewish school has appointed a new head. Vanessa Thomson will take charge at Glasgow's Calderwood Lodge Primary in April, replacing Christine Haughney, who is moving to the highly regarded Hutchesons' School as head of primary.

Ms Thomson, 43, is currently acting head at another Glasgow primary. She looked forward to experiencing the school's "unique Jewish ethos" and building on its success "by developing learning and teaching with the needs of each pupil at the heart of all we do".


the Whole Megillah

By masortiscotland, February 19, 2010
Saturday 27 February
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Glasgow leaders to survey Jewish community

February 18, 2010

Glasgow leaders are to commission a demographic study and financial survey as part of future planning for the city's dwindling Jewish community.

Eighteen people attended a meeting hosted by the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council on Monday at which there was also agreement on undertaking a fact-finding mission to see how other communities had responded to changing needs. In addition, community members would be canvassed on "facilities they wish to see and how they would like them to be provided".


The Whole Migillah

By masortiscotland, February 15, 2010
Saturday 27 February
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Rabbi criticises Scotland's first Masorti synagogue

By Stephanie Brickman, February 11, 2010

The establishment of Scotland’s first Masorti group has not been welcomed by the minister of Glasgow’s biggest shul.

Rabbi Moshe Rubin of the 850-member Giffnock and Newlands Synagogue voiced concern at the addition of another congregation in an area of declining Jewish population. “With the size of the community, it’s just not desirable to create yet another division.”

But at Masorti Scotland, which holds its inaugural service at the weekend, Warren Bader took issue with Rabbi Rubin. “We do not see ourselves as being divisive to the community,” he said.


Deli man’s happy Return

February 4, 2010

Entrepreneur Mark Cohen is not one of those who’ll be heading down the motorway to start a new life any time soon. In fact he has made the journey in the opposite direction, returning to his native Glasgow from London, where he worked as an accountant for seven years, to start a kosher deli.

“Glasgow is a nice place. It’s got everything everywhere else has, just not many young Jewish people,” said the 33-year-old, while preparing one of his speciality hot salt beef sandwiches.


Glasgow: Community where less is more

By Stephanie Brickman, February 4, 2010

Ask any Scot to complete the sentence “I belong…” and the immediate answer will be: “I belong to Glasgow, and Glasgow belongs to me”. What is true of the general population equally applies to Scottish Jewry. There is pride and passion about being a Jew and a Glaswegian.

However, two-thirds of what was once a 15,000 population now reminisce from a distance — usually London, Manchester or Tel Aviv.


SHABBATON with Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

By masortiscotland, January 23, 2010
Saturday 13 February
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Scot and bothered over future

By Stephanie Brickman, January 21, 2010

A row has erupted in Glasgow over plans by the local representative council to hold a meeting on the community’s future.

News of the meeting was leaked by a blogger identified only as “One of the privileged few” on the website of the Glasgow Jewish Educational Forum (GJEF).

The news prompted a flurry of critical posts, with the original blogger writing: “I think it is not acceptable that the future of our community is discussed and decided upon by a secret cabal.”


Giffnock and Newlands Synagogue Mikvah

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