Palestinian flags fly inside Celtic Park

By JC Reporter, August 18, 2016

Pro-Palestinians protested as Glasgow football club Celtic played Israeli team Hapoel Beersheva last night.

Activists displayed Palestinian flags and chanted anti-Israel slogans at the Champions League qualifying match at Celtic Park on Wednesday evening.


Lottery funds heritage centre in Scotland

By Lianne Kolirin, August 12, 2016

Marion Camrass and her family fled the Nazis after the invasion of Poland in 1939. Although they reached Russia, they were sent to Siberia as suspected enemy aliens, before moving on to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


Burial board says it cannot afford transfer request

By Simon Rocker, July 8, 2016

Glasgow Hebrew Burial Society has rejected a request from an out-of-town member to transfer his burial dues, claiming that it cannot afford to do so.

David Sakol, 78, who has paid subscriptions to the society for 60 years, asked if his burial rights could be transferred to the United Synagogue in London, where he has lived for seven years.

But GHBS chair Alan Shenkin said its policy of not a


We're honouring bomb victim uncle

June 10, 2016

Relatives of Yoni Jesner, the young Glaswegian volunteer killed in a suicide bus bombing in Tel Aviv in 2002, will be running for the foundation established in his memory.

Nine-year-old Yonatan Jesner, who was named after his late uncle, and younger brothers Amitai, 7, and Ilan, 4, will be among a 50-plus contingent from the charity.

"I know I have a very important name," Yonatan said.


Busy lines engage Scots supporters

March 23, 2016

Telephone lines were kept busy when more than 1,000 phone calls were made by 20 volunteers to members of Glasgow's Jewish community asking them to donate money to ensure the survival of Cosgrove Care's support services.

Walter Hecht, Cosgrove Care's chief executive said: "We do appreciate the number of requests people receive from charities and this year, as in previous years, we have been amaz


Rabbi on the road to success

By Naomi Firsht, February 18, 2016

"They call me the 'rabbi on wheels'," said Yossi Bodenheim, the Scotland student chaplain who spends half his week on the road in order to tend to the eight universities in his region which are home to young Jews.

The University Jewish Chaplaincy rabbi has been in Glasgow, with his wife Sarah and four children, since moving from Israel in 2012.


Students fuel a Scottish revival

By Naomi Firsht, February 11, 2016

Hailstones pelted down and stooped pedestrians battled for balance in the 50 mile-per-hour winds.

This is Glasgow, where most residents joke you can see all four seasons in one day. It is not an obvious choice for Jewish students who usually head to campuses in Nottingham, Leeds and Birmingham.


Top Tory joins Glasgow's guest list

By Josh Jackman, January 18, 2016

Scottish Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson condemned anti-Israel boycotts as "futile and wrong" during an open meeting organised by Glasgow Jewish Representative Council on Monday.

Mrs Davidson, who attended with her deputy Jackson Carlaw, stressed her party's support for Israel and dealt with topics including antisemitism during an hour-long Q&A.


Breaking even with Arkush

By Josh Jackman, December 3, 2015

On his first Scottish visit since being elected Board of Deputies president, Jonathan Arkush met Glasgow and Edinburgh communal leaders and SNP politicians.

He also took part in a vital fundraiser for Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, whose president, Paul Morron, said the proceeds helped the organisation to balance its books.

"We used the stimulus of his visit to Glasgow to raise sever