Birmingham students set up text ticketing service

By Marcus Dysch, November 5, 2009

Two Birmingham University graduates have devised an electronic mobile pre-payment system allowing students to buy tickets for gigs and events by text message. was set up by Simon Rabin and Daniel Rosenberg late last year and is currently being used in Manchester and Leeds.

The 23-year-olds became friends through FZY and spent a year researching the feasibility of their plans.

Simon said: “We originally approached the networks with the intention of billing purchases to students’ phone bills and were more or less ignored by them all.


Birmingham’s big JSoc weekend

By Marcus Dysch, October 28, 2009

Birmingham’s student community has enjoyed its busiest weekend of the year with three major events in as many days.

First up was a J-Soc-prepared Friday night dinner. In the past five weeks, the society has provided 750 Shabbat dinners for students in the city.

On Sunday, more than 200 Jewish footballers from campuses across the UK took part in the annual five-a-side competition, the Juefa Cup.


Birmingham shul downsizes

By Sasha Brenner, June 11, 2009

Birmingham Central Synagogue is close to tying up a £1 million-plus deal with a local housing association to redevelop its Edgbaston site for a declining congregation.

At the shul’s AGM early next month, its 200 members will be asked to support the sale of two-thirds of the site to Birmingham-based housing association Optima.


Brum deal pleases youth worker

March 26, 2009

Birmingham Progressive Synagogue has appointed Hannah Minsky to develop its new youth club venture.

The youth worker, originally from Southgate, is studying maths and philosophy at Birmingham University.

Her background is in the Netzer youth movement and she has done youth work in the Jewish and wider community.

Movement chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich said the appointment reflected “the huge demand for Liberal Judaism in the Midlands, which has only grown since the opening of the Midlands Centre for Liberal Judaism last year”.


Birmingham school funding assured

By Cathy Forman, February 12, 2009

Birmingham Hebrew Congregation has refuted a claim that it will be withdrawing funding from the Jewish studies department of the city’s King David Primary.

The claim was made in a letter to the Birmingham Jewish Recorder by King David governors’ chair Dr Michael Wolffe, who warned that such a move would leave insufficient funds to meet the salaries of the two Jewish studies teachers.

An editorial about the issue in the Recorder had caused further disquiet.


Seventy people attended "Sushi in the Sukkah"

November 6, 2008

Seventy people from across the community attended a "Sushi in the Sukkah" evening in the succah of Chabad House in Hove. The evening was organised by Tessa Bass, governor of Torah Academy nursery, and raised £700 for the nursery. Ms Bass said: "It was truly wonderful to see so many people from across the community enjoying themselves in the succah." Earlier in the day, 50 children attended "Pizza in the Hut", organised by Brighton Lubavitch, where they enjoyed food, crafts, a Succot quiz and a magic show.


Mexico first stop on a virtual world tour at Jewish Care's Hyman Fine House

November 6, 2008

Mexico was first stop on a virtual world tour at Jewish Care's Hyman Fine House. Organised by care manager Sue Jones and social care co-ordinator Mark Pady, the week-long programme included "visits" to Scotland, Turkey and the Caribbean and special lunchtime menus. Wilna Smith, registered manager, said: "The residents really enjoyed trying out new things, whether music or food. Everyone was encouraged to join in and we finished off with a Mexican wave, which was good fun."


Club DV8 hosts this year's Birmingham Booze for Jews event

November 6, 2008

Club DV8 hosted this year's Birmingham Booze for Jews event, attracting 1,000 Jewish students from across the country. Birmingham J-Soc publicity officer Josh Sallon said: "Booze for Jews is an event where social interaction overrides religious intervention. Jewish students from all over the UK can meet and party."


Reception to show the community's appreciation of the West Midlands Police Force was held at Birmingham Hebrew Congregation

November 6, 2008

A reception to show the community's appreciation of the West Midlands Police Force was held at Birmingham Hebrew Congregation. Chief minister Rabbi Yossi Jacobs opened the afternoon by addressing the 200-strong audience with a talk about Judaism and the Birmingham community. The Chief Constable, Sir Paul Scott-Lee, then spoke about the work of the police force and the community. Rabbi Jacobs told the JC: "The reception was held to show our recognition of the police along with enabling us to build bridges with the wider community."


More than 120 attend Birmingham Hebrew Congregation's annual Friday-night dinner

October 30, 2008

More than 120 people attended Birmingham Hebrew Congregation's annual Friday-night dinner. The evening included a presentation by the community's children and a talk by congregant Simon Harris who is shortly to make aliyah along with his wife Savian and family. The event was rounded off with a talk by veteran radio presenter Ed Doolan who spoke about his affection for the city.